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Twitter Web App : Photogrammetry in La Havana: The Grand Theatre of Havana, Cuba - 1915
Explore This iconic Cuban building in #3d
#vr or #ar in Sketchfab here: skfb.ly/6Pnvq

#photogrammetry #webgl #realtime #computervision #architecture #cuba #virtual #heritage #centrogallego #theatre

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Twitter Web App : Photogrammetry in La Havana: Neptuno street.
Explore a portion of one of the largest streets in La Havana, Cuba in #3d
#vr or #ar in Sketchfab skfb.ly/6OTER
#photogrammetry #webgl #realtime #computervision #architecture #cuba #virtual #heritage

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Android : We’ve reconstructed Shuri Castles throne from collected images. The interior is luxurious and magnificent.
You can support our digital reconstruction by sending us your photos of Shuri Castle. For more details, visit:

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Android : Help to restore Shuri Castle in Okinawa which was recently destroyed by fire.
If you have visited this place please send your photos to our-shurijo.org, they are creating a crowdsourced database to recreate a 3D model and save this cultural heritage. Raiz

Android : お待たせいたしました。みなさんのご協力をお願いします。
OUR Shurijo: みんなの首里城デジタル復元プロジェクト our-shurijo.org #OUR_Shurijo

Twitter Web App : 龍 lilea テクスチャの品質はすぐに良くなります、これは良い出発点です

Twitter Web App : UNESCO Sketchfab) 's Twitter Profile">Sketchfab Finally we have a preliminary 3D model ready @sketchfab !
It was an intensive weekend working hard to help with a digital version of #首里城 Shurijo Castle :
skfb.ly/6OzKp #photogrammetry #ShuriCastle

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Twitter Web App : UNESCO Sketchfab Another update of textured mesh, covering more terrain of the site. Cant wait to see it uploaded! / サイトのより多くの地形をカバーするテクスチャメッシュの別の更新。アップロードされるのを待ちきれません!#首里城

Twitter Web App : UNESCO Sketchfab WIP: mesh from facade of main building, without cleaning. We will be focused in this part and continue from here once done. Were optimistic with the final result. #首里城

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