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Bio Columnist El Paso Times; Poet; Author; Traveler; poetry published by Andrews McMeel, Harper, Viva Editions, Writers Workshop (Calcutta). Captain (Ret) US Army
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iPhone : Just spoke with President @JairBolsonaro of Brazil. Our future Trade prospects are very exciting and our relationship is strong, perhaps stronger than ever before. I told him if the United States can help with the Amazon Rainforest fires, we stand ready to assist!

iPhone : ..willing to lose their wealth, or a big part of it, just for the possibility of winning the Election. But it won’t work because I always find a way to win, especially for the people! The greatest political movement in the history of our Country will have another big win in 2020!

iPhone : The Economy is strong and good, whereas the rest of the world is not doing so well. Despite this the Fake News Media, together with their Partner, the Democrat Party, are working overtime to convince people that we are in, or will soon be going into, a Recession. They are.....

Twitter Web App : Looks like there is no disciplin and authority in German schools anylonger.

Just look at how the students treat their teacher.

Polish schools are an oasis of peace and tranquillity in comparison.

Was it worth ruining your country Angela #Merkel?

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Twitter Web App : We’re going to leave the EU on October 31st and make this country the best in the world to live in 🇬🇧

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Twitter Web App : Thank you Wayne Allyn Root!

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iPhone : It was my honor to sign a Presidential Memorandum facilitating the cancellation of student loan debt for 25K of our most severely disabled Veterans. With today’s order, we express the everlasting love & loyalty of a truly grateful Nation. God bless our Vets, & God Bless America!

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iPhone : The Legendary Henry Ford and Alfred P. Sloan, the Founders of Ford Motor Company and General Motors, are “rolling over” at the weakness of current car company executives willing to spend more money on a car that is not as safe or good, and cost $3,000 more to consumers. Crazy!

iPhone : From the article: “in President Trump’s first two years, employee compensation increased by $672 billion more than it did during President Barack Obama’s last two, for a whopping 42 percent improvement.” wapo.st/2P0m8Nx

Twitter Web App : Religion defines a man in the context of virtues where he answers not just to himself but to a higher power.

Wherever good works are done and charity spreads her wings, one is likely to discern the hand of God (Christmas), and not the hand of a clock (winter).

Twitter Web App : In George Orwell’s “1984,” Ampleforth commits a thought crime when he keeps the word God in an ideologically acceptable translation of a poem by Kipling.

Thinking about God may not be a thought crime today, but it has become increasingly unfashionable.

Twitter Web App : Whether one is a rickshaw puller in Calcutta or a media mogul in New York, every individual is fully connected with the government. Be careful of the tales you tell and the things you do.

Twitter Web App : The people of England, France, and Poland do not think alike, nor act alike. They come from different cultures, need their own countries, well defined by borders & full autonomy. Globalists will fail, because every culture asserts itself to be delineated truthfully and uniquely.

iPhone : Sorry, I don’t buy Rep. Tlaib’s tears. I have watched her violence, craziness and, most importantly, WORDS, for far too long. Now tears? She hates Israel and all Jewish people. She is an anti-Semite. She and her 3 friends are the new face of the Democrat Party. Live with it!

iPhone : Juan Williams at Fox News is so pathetic, and yet when he met me in the Fox Building lobby, he couldn’t have been nicer as he asked me to take a picture of him and me for his family. Yet he is always nasty and wrong!