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iPhone : I must’ve missed the extended national debate about whether it would be wise to deploy hundreds of US troops to this totalitarian theocracy twitter.com/cbseveningnews…

iPhone : 2. The UK seized an Iranian tanker 2 weeks ago, now Iran has seized a UK tanker. No one should be surprised by Iran's response. The more intriguing question is: Why did the UK agree to become a party to Trump's lose-lose game?

iPhone : Dear media,

The US-Iran standoff is a complex story but today’s event has a simple explanation:
1. UK seized an Iranian ship two weeks ago in Gibraltar
2. Iran vowed to respond
3. Iran seized a UK ship today
4. Both want their ships back

iPhone : In other words, the threat Ilhan Omar poses to the system is not that she is Black and Muslim and in Congress. It is that she is Black and Muslim and using her position in Congress to speak out against US militarism and support for Israel.

iPhone : The attacks on Ilhan Omar are of course racist, sexist, xenophobic and Islamophobic. But if she were a Black woman like @condoleezzarice or @ambassadorrice, or Muslim like @realzalmaymk, who served & supported US empire & the status quo, she would be rewarded instead of attacked.

iPhone : Hey Hong Kong! Maybe choose a different symbol of human rights? Heres why.

Will Whiteman

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iPhone : There is nothing the Western press wont spin into anti-communism.

Unprecedented equality between the sexes gets mutated into an evil regime of coercion. The idea women actually wanted to be scientists isnt even considered, much less — heaven forbid! — being good at it.

iPhone : This will of course be omitted from media coverage of the British owned oil tanker intercepted by Iran twitter.com/dannymakkisyri…

iPhone : Rania Khalek Folks that defend the racist Ministry of Labor in Lebanon fail to consider the facts. Example: majority of unemployed Lebanese are college-educated and they lack jobs because there is not enough industry/hospitals/etc for them - not because of "foreigners" taking their jobs.

iPhone : Like the snobs of Achrafiyeh and elsewhere, you sit in an elite enclave of Westchester and look down upon the lower classes who make your comfort possible.

iPhone : It is no secret that Lebanon has a racism problem, whether it comes to its treatment of foreign workers from Africa or East Asia to the way Lebanese from different sects treat each other to the shameful treatment of Syrians and Palestinians.

iPhone : Syria welcomed Lebanese and Palestinians without the same xenophobic reaction. The Lebanese were happy to accept Syrian money in their banks, and Syrian elites in their downtown apartments and fancy restaurants, but the poor Syrian workers who serve them are scorned.

iPhone : Both lies are promoted by right wing racists, whether white nationalists in the US or those promoting the Phoenecian racist mythology about Lebanon.

iPhone : I’m Lebanese & American, so my obligation is to criticize the abuses of my governments and my people. Lebanese and Americans are xenophobic. In the US there is the lie that Mexicans are stealing our jobs and in Lebanon the lie is that Syrians or Palestinians are stealing our jobs twitter.com/nntaleb/status…

iPhone : Nadia Murad was one of thousands of Yazidi women and girls who were kidnapped and held by ISIS in Northern Iraq in 2014. Trump cant even turn to face her.

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iPhone : Two months ago, a private Israeli spy firm hacked an unknown amount of phones through Whatsapp. Where was Chuck Schumer’s outrage then? Face-App is branded a threat only because it’s Russian. Welcome to the new Cold War. twitter.com/frankthorp/sta…

iPhone : Here’s everything you need to understand the US-China trade war. It’s the start of a dangerous new cold war that is 💯 bipartisan. It’s all about preventing China from surpassing the US in wireless technology. The US is losing, so it resorts to bullying

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