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iPhone : Forget the ACTUAL goals of feminism, amirite?

Rania Khalek

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iPhone : Corporate media recently celebrated the Women CEOs of weapons companies as some sort of victory for feminism. So I mocked them for trying to get “woke” with imperial feminism that celebrates women for enforcing patriarchy instead of smashing it

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iPhone : The US destroyed Iran’s democracy for oil.
The US pushed/armed Saddam to invade Iran, incl chem. weapons.
The US shot down an Iranian civilian ✈️ w/ 274 passenger.
The US supports terror groups, murdering Iranian scientists.
The US is sanctioning Iran for keeping its word-but ok. twitter.com/lindseygrahams…

iPhone : Trump, the schoolyard bully, is threatening to take us into another war in the Middle East. Just what we need! But it will not be Trump's or his billionaire friend's kids and grandkids who fight and die in that war. It will be working-class kids. No war with Iran! twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…

iPhone : I have a crazy idea: it’s actually good to not apologize for opposing two of the biggest debacles in American history. twitter.com/meetthepress/s…

Twitter Web Client : TRUMP: "You do have a group and they call it the military industrial complex, they never want to leave, they always want to fight. No, I never want to fight."

That's why he hired John Bolton, who would ride a bomb like a pony if he could? youtube.com/watch?v=vc4vYW…

iPhone : If this was in #Syria, most of people around the world would be calling for awareness & action in twitter. But when its #Yemen, most of you dont care a bit. This boy is waving and trying to get response from his brother who was injured by #Saudi airstrike in #Sanaa 3 days ago.

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iPhone : If you believe Paul Ryan was right to go after Social Security & Medicare, if you believed Dick Cheney when he said we needed to go to war in Iraq, if you believed Clinton when he said NAFTA would create a million U.S. jobs by all means vote for the guy who believes these things. twitter.com/IbrahimAS97/st…

iPhone : Falsely describing America’s most prominent Russia expert, Stephen Cohen, and an anonymous character known as “Goofy Grapes” as “supporters of Vladimir Putin,” Politico attacks Tulsi Gabbard for daring to call a McCarthyite Daily Beast smear “fake news” politico.com/amp/story/2019…

iPhone : These Iranians sitting safely in exile, applauding Trump's threats to end Iran are like the inhabitants of King's Landing applauding Daenerys as she torched the city cuz of their hatred of Cersei.

Actually, none applauded her. Those who loved the people urged her NOT to attack.

iPhone : All the injustice in the world, & this NYT writer decided to use his platform to denounce Sanders for treating his NYT colleague with insufficient deference after she asked him painfully ignorant, ahistorical & offensively jingoistic questions about Reagan's Latin American wars: twitter.com/SopanDeb/statu…

iPhone : Lol they think students are drawn to Zinn bc other history books are boring. For me it was because reading Zinn made me realize I was lied to my entire life and that made me angry and passionate. I suspect it’s similar for others.

iPhone : The left’s ACCURATE narrative about history, including all the atrocities US and European imperialism/capitalism have inflicted around the world, scares elites so much.

iPhone : On this week’s episode of UnauthorizedDisclos, Kevin Gosztola & I discuss Bolton trying to push Trump into a war with Iran and how the US violated international law by breaking into the Venezuelan embassy. Also some Game of Thrones commentary bc why not. Enjoy! patreon.com/posts/26967828

iPhone : Reagan backed a vicious anti-Sandinista war that would leave ~60,000 dead. The CIA helped contras lay underwater mines in Nicaraguan ports. But Sanders is the rude one for objecting to "anti-American" baiting? It is not right-wing or "like Trump" to object to NYT's pro-war bias. twitter.com/JillFilipovic/…