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iPhone : If you're trying to prove that the "👌" isn't used by the Far Right, maybe don't use Marine fucking Le Pen as an example of people misattributing criticism twitter.com/mrandyngo/stat…

iPhone : People get really upset about that kid doing drag, but I don't see nearly as much outrage about child pageants
This kid is fucking 2 years old, nearly a decade younger than I believe when the drag kid started. How many dislikes? 540 compared to 7k likes

iPhone : Katie Hopkins Your anti-immigrant propaganda
White Nationalist propaganda
White Nationalist committing multiple terrorists attacks

Funny how you ignore the thing that's actually happening because your victim complex is obsessed with milkshakes

iPhone : Wow..she went from "neutrally" sharing Peterson clips in class to worrying about brown babies, to full on white genocide pretty fast. twitter.com/mbueckert/stat…