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Hootsuite Inc. : You told us that respect, support and kindness are essential to #ENDviolence online and in schools. We think so too. So join us and commit to kindness.

Screenshot a template 👇, fill it in and share it with someone to brighten their day. #BTSLoveMyself

Twitter Web App : And after dinner, serious talks began at the G7 summit.

SocialFlow : Have we wrongly translated organic from “grown without pesticides” to “more nutritious and delicious?” huffp.st/rTM0ddy

TweetDeck : Rick Wilson New York Daily News His sweaty, heavy-breathing press sprays on the White House lawn left reporters in a state of stunned silence, the spittle-flecked rantings of a man determined to machine-gun... great writing!!!!, man! you go. and go and go. just keep going. we need this so much. thank you.

iPhone : •45 won 48% of vote—yet he’s POTUS
•GOP Senators rep 44% of Americans—yet control Senate majority
•Your House district is gerrymandered to exclude black & brown voters

You don’t get complain about abolishing Electoral College when GOP itself rejects representative democracy twitter.com/dancrenshawtx/…

IFTTT : In the house of alternative facts: How my parents lies prepared me for post-truth America ift.tt/31TD9uq

Twitter Web App : Are cities putting the needs of the homeless ahead of the needs of the businesses?

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iPhone : All of this was avoidable. There was no reason to give the majority of the benefits of the #GOPTaxScam to corporations and the already-rich. There was no need to launch a moronic trade war with China—and hit working people with added taxes via #TrumpTariffs. Trump has no clue.

Twitter Web App : Round-Up: Translating tongues, Are you a Bronze Age Pervert?, & Tomi Lahren knows what America needs. bit.ly/33ToT6K

Twitter Web App : ...back groups like GreenForAll.org, which is fighting for an ecologically sound economy that works for everyone. Tomorrow is here now. Green For All

Graphic: @impact on Instagram

Sprout Social : I am sorry for harm I have caused, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said this week at a Native American presidential forum. I have listened, and I have learned a lot. bit.ly/2NloFiZ

iPhone : The entire interview is worth reading. It’s stunning to me that someone so incoherent could get tenure at Penn law school. twitter.com/ichotiner/stat…

Twitter Web App : First they had to get rid of the Jew. Then the dictators could make their devils’ pact allowing Hitler’s blitzkrieg to begin. A lesson in the danger of tyrants and their mania trib.al/CXiOF2U

Periscope : 8.23.19 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Roland talks Last season of Power with Omari Hardwick! pscp.tv/w/cDIJ0TEwNjk2…

iPhone : ‘When I pressed a senior congressional Republican this week on Trump’s behavior, asking him to tell me anyone who could influence the man, he whispered, “Hannity?”’

🔥🔥🔥 twitter.com/therickwilson/…

iPhone : If the US cannot rally its own allies on its principal global challenges of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, has US power declined or grown? A #G7Summit with no agreed approach or even agreed statement is one answer to the question.

iPhone : Cristela Alonzo I can watch two or three but that’s about it.

Mostly because it becomes overload...

But on the rare shows I could... I stop.

I don’t want to make something I enjoy that disposable.

iPhone : A Conversation with Ali Velshi and Richard Vague: the MSNBC host and the philanthropist/businessman talked about the economy, politics and the goodness of Americans. A Philadelphia Citizen Event thephiladelphiacitizen.org/event-a-conver… via The Philadelphia Citizen

iPhone : In erasing Palestinians and Palestinian identity like this, the US government is actively dehumanizing them. twitter.com/AaronMagid/sta…

iPhone : When I don’t feel like being fake

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iPhone : Who? Toward Trump and his policies yes... not women, minorities, gays, the working class, the poor, the environment, the MSM, CIA, FBI, John McCain, Dems, immigrants...

See the pattern here?

iPhone : Damn right. In a republic 46% of the population gets to boss around the other 54%.

nOT a DemOcRAcY #soedgy twitter.com/DanCrenshawTX/…

Android : Paging Graham Berry: Another Scientology horror story of credit fraud targeting retirees tonyortega.org/2019/08/24/pag… #Scientology #ScientologyTheAftermath

iPhone : Rear Adm. Collin Green, the commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, blamed a lack of leadership for a recent string of high-profile SEAL scandals that point to ethical problems within the ranks of the Navy’s elite force. twitter.com/starsandstripe…

Twitter Web App : Trump:
- Compared himself to 2nd coming of God
- Used outrageously antisemitic tropes
- Suggested ketamine derivative is miracle drug
- Deadpanned about serving more than 2 terms & changing Constitution by fiat
- Threw fit over Greenland

That was 1 day vox.com/2019/8/22/2082…

OpEdNews : Laugh Hysterically or Sob Uncontrollably? The Orange Wrecking Ball Goes Ballistic! opednews.com/Quicklink/Laug…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Since early 2018, 9 female Philadelphia police officers have sued the department over sexual harassment or discrimination, a rate of about one lawsuit every other month. Lawsuits allege a grossly sexist culture of lewd comments, rape and retaliation. witf.org/news/2019/08/p…

TweetDeck : <iframe src=giphy.com/embed/dhbW2pQV… width=480 height=271 frameBorder=0 class=giphy-embed allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=giphy.com/gifs/creepy-po…>via GIPHY</a></p>

iPhone : .Lara Spencer You are in a very responsible & honorable business. Clearly you lost it 8/22. Insulting the arts & being totally misinformed of the amazing strength and medical shape sportsmen find when they study ballet. 1/2

iPhone : Given the world is literally on fire and some of the worst case scenarios related to climate change predicted to happen in decades are actually happening now in select cases, I really hope Beyoncé considers releasing a rap album sooner than later.

iPhone : Andrew Luck on getting booed by Indianapolis Colts fans in the crowd:

Id be lying if I didnt say I heard the reaction. It hurt, Ill be honest, it hurt.

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iPhone : Sometimes watching this much Fox News can get tough, but every once in a while a golden moment like this occurs that gives me so much joy

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iPhone : MSNBC’s Joy Reid names every Trump-loving evangelical leader who refused to take her call on Trump’s ‘chosen one’ claim


iPhone : Huge news out of KY! New polling shows that pro-choice democratic candidate for Governor Andy Beshear is NINE points ahead of Republican Matt Bevin. This is as we say in the biz a BFD. #KYGov

SocialFlow : Trump officials reportedly accused their French counterparts of being difficult to work with and of angling the G7 summit in favor of French President Emmanuel Macron. huffp.st/e4JNbC1

iPhone : The Hill America First is America alone and isolated. After Trump’s aimless trade tariffs and unilateral withdrawal from the NAFTA, Iran, and Paris Agreements, our trustworthiness as a partner has been diminished. The world will just move on without us, and we’ll all be worse off for it.

Twitter for iPad : For you music fans, the man on the top right panel owns Warner Music Group, parent company of such labels as Warner, Reprise, Sire, Nonesuch, Atlantic, Elektra, Parlophone, Rhino, Fueled by Ramen and more, plus “indie” distributor ADA. He gives millions to Republicans. twitter.com/erikhalvorsen1…

Android : Bruh somebody come take this mf from me I’m having too much fun.

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iPhone : We know the Proud Boys hide behind free speech and patriotism in order to get a free pass for their street brawls.

But never before have they publicly admitted the real goal: To waste resources in liberal cities, and get away with violence.

New from me:


Twitter Web Client : A 2008 study in the journal Science found that conservatives have a stronger physiological reaction to startling noises and graphic images compared to liberals.

A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trumps Support | Psychology Today psychologytoday.com/blog/mind-in-t…

iPhone : Mark Meadows @realdonaldtrump ... cheats on all three of his wives, bankrupts hundreds of businesses, doesn’t pay subcontractors, loses a billion $, sleeps with porn stars - and pays hush money to cover it up, & accepts election help from Russia

His reward? He gets elected President Trump


iPhone : 沒有預警的情況下,警方在牛頭角警署外多次施放催淚彈,大批示威者走避,情況混亂!

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