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iPhone : Ed Hackney Hi Ed, 13.1 should’ve resolved the issues. If you’re still experiencing unstable connection, please delete app, unpair HAs, turn phone off/on, re-pair and redownload!

iPhone : Mario H. Hi Mario. Please delete the app, in-air your hearing aids, turn phone off and on. Then re-pair aids and redownload app. This solves most issues!

Falcon Social Media Management : Pioneers together with Google and @Cochlear, changing the world of hearing. Enjoy the fruits of our collaboration: direct, effortless audio streaming from Android devices to ReSound LiNX Quattro™ hearing aids all day long. Find out more:

iPhone : Jason McFadden Android Cochlear Hey Jason. We launched the World’s first Made for iPhone hearing aid in 2013- the ReSound LiNx. It’s now on its award-winning 4th generation, as LiNx Quattro —>… Why settle for just streaming sound when you can adjust bass/treble etc in real-time too?

iPhone : Cochlear and GN Hearing Become Worlds First to Support Direct Android Streaming to Hearing Devices Using Bluetooth Low Energy - Financial Post… #Cochlear #GN #Android #tech

iPhone : Imagine streaming your favourite music, phone calls and other audio directly to your #cochlearimplant and ReSound hearing aid! With direct Android streaming, you can! David Brell says “The streaming quality is incredible”For more #Pixel3 #Android10

Falcon Social Media Management : Our unique collaboration with Google and @Cochlear results in the first direct audio streaming from Android phones to hearing devices with Bluetooth® Low Energy. See the news:
#Google #Cochlear #GNHearing #ReSound #ThePowerOfSound

iPhone : ReSound Cochlear The winner titles will be awarded during a festive ceremony at the global technology show IFA in Berlin on 6 September 2019 at 5.45 pm. Also at #IFA19, all #UXDA19 nominees will present their successful submissions to the public and experts in a special exhibition.

iPhone : ... and you know what I love about my #Enzo3D is having the functionality to self manage the outside noise the traffic, especially when in London Underground 🚇 the app on my phone enables me to manage how I’m exposed to environments thanks to this wonderful technology 👍🏻…

Falcon Social Media Management : The traffic can get noisy commuting to work. In fact, city traffic produces noise levels of around 85 decibels. Thats right at the recommended 8-hour exposure limit. Hopefully, youre not sitting in traffic for that long! Time to take the bike or train?