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Bio Husband of Yonka. Father of Jaden, Jordan & Loghan. Child of God. Founder of DB Precision. In the end, Just A Guy!!
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iPhone : Steelers went no huddle to get things going on the 3rd drive that ended with the JuJu TD. Wonder if Hodges when be trusted to do the same this week if he’s the starter. Awesome tool to help a young QB see the defense

iPhone : Man I feel TJ Watt when Jackson hit him with the stiff arm he couldn’t get off the ground fast enough. You try to use the ground as a trampoline when someone hits you with a quick jab to the face mask

iPhone : I love the creativity OC Randy Fichtner is showing in the Burgh, but man a backed up roll out by your RB just doesn’t seem like an excellent idea

iPhone : Welp! Got my ice cream. Time to watch some ball. Let’s see check out my favorite NFL rivalry again. Steelers/Ravens

iPhone : I said I didn’t think Baker was wrong this morning. There is no protocol for it. 49ers fans actually tweeted me about it. But yes, even this morning I said it was no big deal. twitter.com/theechrisdavis…

iPhone : BigTrav That was week 2 Bruh! If you’re gonna be fake outraged at least be current OG. You hadn’t played Pitt or Cle. You’d actually only beaten the winless Bengals and the Bucs

Greenfly : The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves, & if Bruce Allen truly believes that the culture in Washington is good then there is a bigger problem than just winning games!

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iPhone : I’m both. If not for Washington & Gregg Williams I’m coaching right now. So I definitely owe that organization a lot. Giants as well, for inviting me to camp when no one else did. twitter.com/niget88888/sta…

iPhone : D Encinas San Francisco 49ers In the hunt to compete in the NFC, but you don’t just throw that out there if you haven’t seen enough. At that time I hadn’t and there was only two options. I chose the one that was correct at that point. Things change as more info becomes available. That’s not flip flopping that

iPhone : D Encinas San Francisco 49ers It’s crazy how concerned you are about a week 2 segment. At the time you’d beat the Bengals & Bucs. After coming off a 4 win season. I needed to see more. My analysis at the time was just that. I was not convinced. The Defense is real, & the run game elite. So this team is def

iPhone : I wasn’t pretending at my Super Bowl parade that actually took place in this millennium!! twitter.com/itsdreubz/stat…