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Bio As seen on WWE & beyond. Photographer, pianist, TV/radio personality, former model & natural parenting advocate. Calle pero elegante IG: RebySky | SC: RebyHardy
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iPhone : People love throwing out that I’m *only* Matt’s wife (undermining my entire life & career, but hey, I get it), but I’m happy AF to be. And it worked out pretty damn well for me

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iPhone : And lord Jesus, before yous all say it: YES I’m a “talentless flop” blah blah blah OH-KAY cool. But so were like 1/4 of the girls I wrestled soooo 💁🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

iPhone : Every single person I’ve ever wrestled - w the exception of like 4 people - has signed with WWE. Don’t get me wrong, I’M GOOD. Still makes ya wonder what could have been sometimes 🤔 For context, I was wrestling 2-3x/week up & down the east coast for 2 yrs. That’s a lotttta girls

iPhone : Babywearing is not a fad. It’s not a baby “napsack”, nor is it an “accessory”. It’s not some new hip & trendy thing *millennials* made up. It is a centuries old tradition that should be honored & respected. It’s part of the reason I chose to do so on TV every week.

iPhone : Your hypothetical babies ? Yeah, I’ll definitely take your opinion over the experience of my own children & centuries worth of babywearing in my culture. Your “gypsy” comments say it all, but thanks for your insight, BRO. Keep on bro-ing.…

iPhone : Not using my @ button for once bc the asshat who inspired these tweets is only looking for attention & press & it disgusts me; they don’t deserve it. But the benefits of babywearing & the positive effects its had on my family are too great to not throw my thoughts into the abyss.

iPhone : All the deadbeat dads of the world & there are really people out here shaming & attacking dads for being active & unabashedly present in raising their kids. Unreal.

iPhone : Nevermind the fact that most babies are soothed by swaddling & tight wrapping... baby’s trivial comfort could never trump *MANLINESS*, right !!!

iPhone : Imagine having a male ego so fragile that you are incapable of acknowledging a convenient way to care for babies in a way that makes them happy 🤔


iPhone : I’m attacked all day, every day. I barely acknowledge one psycho out of the hundreds & I’m the asshole. But yeah uh hanks for the follows.

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iPhone : Kids asleep. Finally get a moment to myself. Check twitter and am immediately confronted with example #1 of why I’m rarely on here anymore

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