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iPhone : When the ill-informed are being critical of the gaming industry and community, this is a very powerful story. The facts are that countries with high per capita gaming revenue have fewer gun-shooting deaths. Except the US, where 4% of the population own 43% of the guns.…

iPhone : Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math. Especially for creative disciplines like game development, the arts are critical.…

iPhone : GandaKris this is a wonderful gift. Right next to your creations of Mr. Iwata and me. The TriForce will be reunited! I will share photos once I receive it. Thank you!…

iPhone : Delivered my keynote address in Berlin on innovation and leadership. “The Innovator’s Rulebook For Breaking The Rules” Leverages all my past experiences. Great crowd and wonderful reaction.

iPhone : This is GREAT! This touches so many of my favorite memories. Time spent with Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto. And the Wii Mii-Maker music! So well done. Thank you!…

iPhone : Seeing Bald Eagles on this #MemorialDay. Symbolic. Thanking all those who serve, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Photo credit to Stacey Sanner.