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Twitter Web App : In the meantime, my focus will remain where it has always been - working on behalf of the people of Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District."

Twitter Web App : Going forward, I hope and pray that members of the press will strive harder to be fair and accurate, rather than focusing on clickbait.

Twitter Web App : Journalists have an important role to play in our public discourse, however, they must also be cognizant of their responsibility to the truth. As the wife of a police officer, I am deeply aware of how much it corrodes our public safety when false allegations are bandied about.

Twitter Web App : In the second interview, I stated repeatedly that this discussion of security threats was taken out of context, which is not reflected in the article.

Twitter Web App : In fact, when asked directly by one reporter if any threats had been received, I responded, 'No, I have not received any direct threats.' The reporter then repeated and confirmed that statement in the recap of our conversation.

Twitter Web App : As the interview recordings show, in conversations with both reporters, the word ‘racist’ is never once used by me. This entire conversation on security was only a small part of a larger conversation of what the House has done for the people over the past 200+ days in office.”

Twitter Web App : To be clear: while my office, like all congressional offices, has received the occasional harassing email or phone call, I have not been directly threatened.

Twitter Web App : “I am appalled at continuous attempts by journalists to drive this narrative that I am using race as a dividing card.This is clickbait journalism at its worst– to drive clicks & boost advertising, these outlets are making reckless assumptions without thought for the consequences.

Twitter Web App : THREAD: Please see below for my statement regarding ongoing speculation about threats against my office.

iPhone : Thank you to everyone who participated in our community conversation on immigration in #Meriden. Immigration is an emotionally charged issue and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear from you. I heard you and I see you-All of you!

iPhone : Recess gives me the opportunity to hear from my constituents. In order to bring your voice to D.C- I must first hear your voice. Great to be in #Sherman for a Congressional Update and Q&A! Engaging with you is the best part of this job.

iPhone : Providing words of wisdom at the #Waterbury New Teacher Orientation. The future is in their hands. Once an educator, always an educator.

iPhone : The Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce represents over 700 businesses. #Danbury boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state. Supporting small business growth makes the American Dream a reality.

Twitter Web App : This loss of funding disproportionately affects low-income women and women of color.
#IStandWithPlannedParenthood #ProtectX

Twitter Web App : Now, thanks to the gag rule, the Trump administration is forcing Planned Parenthood and other providers out of Title X.
#IStandWithPlannedParenthood #ProtectX