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Bio Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus. Proudly representing the people of the 5th District of Massachusetts.
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iPhone : Whether it’s climate change or protecting families from gun violence, it’s special interests who stop our progress. We’re working to clean up corruption and make government work #ForThePeople.


Twitter Web App : The President and Leader McConnell are no match for your bravery, character, and leadership, Fred Guttenberg.

We will never give up fighting for the safety of all communities against the senseless threat of #GunViolence. #EnoughIsEnough twitter.com/JohnBerman/sta…

Twitter Web App : Today is #BlackWomensEqualPay Day, when Black women’s pay catches up to what white, non-Hispanic men were paid in 2018. That means Black women must work 𝟐𝟎 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐬 to be paid what white men are paid in 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝟏𝟐. It’s way past time to fix this gap.

Twitter Web App : Talking about why I support the #GreenNewDeal and how we need to take urgent action to address #climatechange! Tune in now! #mapoli twitter.com/WBUR/status/11…

Twitter Web App : In one week, Trump has:

Chose the NRA over gun reform.

Striped health care away from millions by pushing Planned Parenthood Action out of #TitleX.

Called Jewish Americans disloyal.

And is trying to indefinitely cage children.

This is not what our country stands for. #WednesdayThoughts

Twitter Web App : Reversing a policy that ensures the humane treatment of children = why I am #DisloyalToTrump. twitter.com/nytimes/status…

Twitter Web App : In February, House Democrats acted to end gun violence and passed #HR8 and #HR1112.

It’s been 175 days and the Senate has done nothing. Nothing. RT if you think it’s time for @SenateMajLdr McConnell to #DoSomething.

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Twitter Web App : Simply devastating. At it's core, #TitleX is essential health care. It's cancer screenings. It's birth control. It's knowing that you have power over your body and your life. And there's no provider who understands this better than Planned Parenthood. #ProtectX #StandwithPP twitter.com/PPFA/status/11…

Twitter Web App : He's at it again: President Trump, who has a history of housing discrimination & refusing to rent to black tenants, is now using HUDgov to make it harder to bring housing discrimination cases. #DefendCivilRights #DisparateImpact #FairHousing

iPhone : Today, as we mark 99 years since the ratification of the #19thAmendment, we celebrate the progress forged by generations of women, and rededicate ourselves to ensuring every American’s voice is heard at the ballot box.

iPhone : Federal courts needed to tell President Trump that kids deserve soap, water and edible food.

In my America, ALL kids deserve love and opportunity. Who’s with me? twitter.com/npr/status/116…

iPhone : I’m glad you and your son are safe. Swatting is terrifying, and is too often used as a weapon against those who stand up to white supremacy and sexism. It’s a serious and sometimes deadly crime, and we can’t let it continue unchecked. twitter.com/ijeomaoluo/sta…

iPhone : I'm heartsick for the Philadelphia officers and their loved ones. This must stop. We are not powerless. #EnoughIsEnough #PhillyShooting twitter.com/nytimes/status…

Twitter Web App : It’s literally raining plastic in our national parks. Repeat. It’s raining plastic. And on the same day, President Trump was denying the impact of plastic production on our climate. Living in an alternate reality won’t solve #ClimateChange twitter.com/guardian/statu…

iPhone : The words of the Commander in Chief have power and almost daily, President Trump uses that power to incite fear, division, and hatred. The results are deadly. twitter.com/abcpolitics/st…