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iPhone : Question: So, you really have no testimony that ties President Trump to a scheme withholding aid for political investigations.

Sondland: “[Yes]... other than my own presumption.”

Folks. This is the Democrats central witness in their impeachment case.…

iPhone : Adam Schiff is mischaracterizing the “fairness” issue.

The House’s investigative period lasted 78 days. 9/24 - 12/11

For the first 71 of those days (yes, 71–that’s 91%), POTUS was allowed no counsel to defend him

In no world is that process “fair.” Ever.

Twitter Web App : Absolutely stunning to see Washington Democrats on the Senate Floor today not only peddling flimsy allegations regarding Ukraine, but rehashing outlandish conspiracy theories about the President of the United States acting as a Russian agent.

They will never let it go.

Twitter Web App : Someone should ask Democrats if they plan to carry on this newfound reverence for the Constitution and Founding Fathers after impeachment is over. I hope so.

Twitter Web App : Mr. Meadows is right.

Watch this example: Ambassador Sondland said it was his presumption that military aid was tied to a White House meeting.

Adam Schiff accepts it as fact!


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Twitter Web App : The Democrats need to be called out for their completely false talking point: "the facts are not in dispute"

This is absolutely untrue for many reasons... not least among them is: Democrats have hardly cited any facts at all

Hearsay, assumptions, leaps, and lies =/= "facts"

Twitter Web App : Burisma is a corrupt Ukraine gas co. run by a corrupt Ukraine oligarch.

They were being investigated for corruption...again.

They hired Hunter Biden for 50k+ p/month w/o energy/Ukraine experience bc he was VP Biden’s son.

If that’s not illegal then it should be

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iPhone : Democrats have a real problem with what proof, evidence, or even what a credible witness is.

Their impeachment charade is all based on assumptions and conjecture. Never facts.

Watch Gordon Sondland, Ambassador to the EU, admit he knows of zero wrongdoing by Donald J. Trump.…

iPhone : WATCH: Lee Zeldin perfectly summarizes the Democrats’ empty impeachment case.

If Adam Schiff and Democrats weren’t allowed to use hearsay, assumptions, and outright falsehoods... they would have nothing.

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Twitter Web App : If you took away Schiff’s ability to use presumption, hearsay and lies on this impeachment parody, he would be left with nothing.

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Twitter Web App : Democrats reference Gordon Sondland EVERYWHERE in their case. Spread this clip far and wide:

“No one on this planet told you POTUS was tying aid/political investigations?”

Sondland: “Yes”

“So you have no evidence”

Sondland: “Other than my presumption”

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iPhone : Dems' entire case is based on presumptions.

This is why, if you were already predisposed to hate Trump you believe Schiff's fantasia.

If you can dispassionately examine the facts and resist the impulse to imagine facts not in evidence you cant support removing the president.…

iPhone : “My presumption.”

It’s crucial to realize that the Dems’ case rests on presumption and, even worse, a presumption that somehow also knows the state of mind of the President.

Please see this video of Amb Sondland, who’s constantly cited by the impeachment prosecutors...…

Twitter Web App : Keep sharing, folks. Americans need to see the truth about the Democrats' case.

They have no real evidence - only assumptions.…