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iPhone : Speaker Pelosi announces that Democrats will move forward with articles of impeachment just days before the IG is set to release his findings regarding allegations of surveillance abuses against the Trump campaign. Not a coincidence.

Twitter Media Studio : As an American, I think that Pelosis plan to proceed with an impeachment vote is terrible. But as a Republican, I think its great. Let the Democrats continue digging a hole for themselves as we approach the 2020 election.

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Twitter Media Studio : Professor Turley, who voted against Trump in 2016, confirmed under oath today from a legal perspective that there was no bribery, no extortion, no obstruction of justice and no abuse of power. What false charge can Democrats possibly pursue next?

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iPhone : 🚨 Mic drop from John Ratcliffe & Jonathan Turley 🚨

➡️ RATCLIFFE: So if I were to summarize your testimony - no bribery, no extortion, no obstruction of justice, no abuse of power. Is that fair?

➡️ TURLEY: Not on this record.

Case closed. Time to shut down this partisan sham.

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Twitter Web App : Because Democrats have fixated on this sham “impeachment inquiry, the Judiciary Committee has failed to:

✖ Respond to the border crisis
✖ Address mass violence or domestic terrorism
✖ Tackle the opioid epidemic

The #OpportunityCosts for Americans are adding up.

iPhone : Paul Sperry) 's Twitter Profile">Paul Sperry I know why Paul Sperry) 's Twitter Profile">Paul Sperry It’s because I asked IG Atkinson about his “investigation” into the contacts between Schiff’s staff and the person who later became the whistleblower. The transcript is classified “secret” so Schiff can prevent you from seeing the answers to my questions

iPhone : Yeah, it’s what happens when Dems start polling which impeachable offense to frame the President for doing 6 weeks AFTER they started impeaching him.…

iPhone : WATCH: Guy who claims to have a clear recollection of overhearing the President of the United States clearly struggles to recount his clear recollection.

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iPhone : Dems/media incorrectly saying Laura Cooper testified today that Ukraine asked about a hold on aid 7/25. That’s not what she said, which she clarified replying to John Ratcliffe. Cooper said she was told Ukraine asked about the aid, not specifically the hold on aid. Big difference!

iPhone : Will the media ever learn?

John Ratcliffe exposes yet another false media narrative

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Twitter Media Studio : Sondland admits Trump told him “I want no quid pro quo.” Also admits his opinion that there was quid pro quo is based on a “presumption” – and is directly contradicted by Volker and Morrison. Reasonable people having different conclusions isn’t compelling evidence to impeach.

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Twitter Media Studio : In the 3,500 pages of transcripts released so far, there was only one reference to bribery. Ironically to describe Vice President Biden’s conduct, not President Trump’s.

Why did we go from quid pro quo to extortion now to bribery? The answer is polling.

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Twitter Web App : Q: Ms. Williams youve never used the word bribery or bribe to explain the presidents conduct, correct?

A: No sir.

Q: Colonel Vindman, you havent either?

A: That is correct.

John Ratcliffe: Bribery never once came up...until Democrats polled it.

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Twitter Web App : They dont want that to come until AFTER theyve impeached the President.

John Ratcliffe says Democrats are racing to beat the release of Horowitzs FISA abuse report, which he said was likely to be damning.

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iPhone : “In a case where we talk about impeaching the President, it should be clear, it should be egregious, and it should be bipartisan. It is none of those things.” -John Ratcliffe

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iPhone : Looking forward to discussing the latest developments in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry at 10 a.m. ET on Fox News, following the first week of open hearings.…