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Rep. Donna E. Shalala

Bio Proudly serving the people of #FL27. Former Prez of @Univmiami 🙌🏼, Sec. of @HHSgov, & @PeaceCorps volunteer.

Member of @EdLaborCmte and @RulesDemocrats.

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iPhone : Higher Ed champion and South Fla member of Congress Rep. Donna E. Shalala teams up w/ Rep. Matt Gaetz on a student loan bill that pushes for more transparency and disclosures to student borrowers. Read more:…

Twitter Web App : It’s been 7 years since President Obama implemented #DACA. Today, hundreds of thousands of our neighbors, colleagues, and friends are at risk of losing their legal status in the US. I’m fighting to #ProtectTheDream for all #DACA #TPS and #DED recipients.

Twitter Web App : Let's be clear: the president is deliberately trying to politicize & undermine bipartisan support for one of our strongest allies.

I don't always agree with my colleagues' stances on Israel, but I believe it's best to let them learn firsthand about the challenges Israel faces.…

Twitter Web App : Happy birthday to Social Security, a program that makes a huge difference in the lives of nearly 63 million Americans and their families.

We need to work to expand benefits in order to ensure that every worker can retire with dignity and freedom. #SocSec84

Twitter Web App : In 1997, China promised Hongkongers “One Country, Two Systems.” Now Beijing threatens to undermine this promise.

I stand with the people of Hong Kong and support their demands for freedom and democracy, and the withdrawal of the dangerous extradition bill.

iPhone : This will eviscerate protections for endangered species across the US and those that are fundamental to Florida’s identity – sea turtles, manatees, panthers, etc.

Species will become extinct so that the Trump admin can clear the way for new oil and gas drilling. #StopExtinction…

iPhone : This administration scapegoats immigrants, emboldens white supremacists, and tears families apart.

This is racist policy. We will continue fighting to #ProtectFamilies.…

iPhone : #OTD in 1988, President Reagan signed the #CivilLibertiesAct, granting reparations & a formal apology for the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII.

While our history has not been perfect, we can make strides to right past wrongs & continue to form a more perfect union.

Android : Thank you to Commander Detmar and all the Coast Guardsmen and Guardswomen at U.S. Coast Guard Base Miami Beach for giving us a tour of your facilities and speaking to us about the critical role the Coast Guard plays in keeping our country and its waters safe.


iPhone : In 1994, we passed an assault weapons ban. I was proud to be part of the team that got it done.

We can – and we must – do it again.


Android : Fifty-four years after passage of the Voting Rights Act, and six years after Shelby County v. Holder gutted the landmark law, racial discrimination in voting persists. Its past time for lawmakers to #RestoreTheVOTE and work to modernize our democracy. #VRA54

iPhone : She painted African American history and culture onto the forefront of American literature, changing the course of storytelling forever.

Toni Morrison made us better and braver with her work. We’re lucky to live in a world in which her stories will continue to teach us to dream

iPhone : Toni Morrison possessed an incredible ability to pen magic. Through her words, we saw a black man learn to fly, a mourning mother reanimate her lost child with the strength of her imagination, a black girl dream of having blue eyes.

Twitter Web App : Congress has a duty act NOW and protect our communities from senseless gun violence.

Those who refuse to act and choose to put partisanship before our collective safety will have to answer to their constituents at the ballot box. #enoughisenough 2/2

Twitter Web App : Our country can implement real gun reform. We’ve done it before. When I led, I helped pass a bipartisan, 10-year ban on assault weapons.

What we have now in Congress is not a lack of solutions, but a lack of political will. 1/2