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Bio Husband. Papa to Nelson. CA Congressman. Sr. Dem for @cia on Intel Cmte. You work hard, that should still mean something in America. #FreedomToDream
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iPhone : The promise of America is freedom. But how free are we if we pay more for a pre-existing condition? Or if we work hard but tax cuts go to the top? And when our kids are killed at their schools? Under GOP Congress, freedom has been reduced, with all the benefits going to the few.

iPhone : Thinking of all in #HurricaneFlorence’s path. Be safe. And thank you to the first responders bravely providing aid and the journalists covering the story.

iPhone : Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell says that if its true that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is close to reaching a guilty plea deal with special counsel Mueller, then the jig is up.

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iPhone : 5,000 LIES
A compulsive liar
That is not bias
It’s an accurate assessment
Being called a LIAR 5,000 times would make me feel like there was an unprecedented amount of negative coverage too, but it isn’t
It is fact checking a president who pushes an unprecedented number of lies…

iPhone : No one says you killed them. But you run government. & government didn’t help them (water is sitting on a goddamned runway). So YOU failed them. This job is more than Rose Garden YouTube posts. People are counting on you to get it right. #HurricaneFlorence is coming. Get focused…

iPhone : 12,800. That’s how many migrant children are in federal custody. 12,800! This is never okay. Unlock the cages. Reunite babies with their mamas. And for crying out loud #keepfamiliestogether…

iPhone : “Incredibly successful?” For who? The hurricane? Sure. Any Americans in its path, not so much. Being an executive is about executing. When Puerto Ricans needed help, Donald J. Trump threw paper towels at them. He failed to execute.…

iPhone : NEW: Federal investigators are looking at a series of international bank transactions following the planners and participants of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting #MoneyTrail…

iPhone : Trump has always wanted to block or break up brown families seeking refuge from violence (*But Norwegians welcome!) While that’s costly, no price is too high for his hate. To pay for it he’s raiding the hurricane relief fund. Congress can stop this #KeepFamiliesTogether #FundFEMA…

iPhone : As the sun sets on #September11, I still remember the anxiety I felt that day about our safety and the determination of the attackers to hit us. But since bin Laden was killed, I’ve been grateful for Bush/Obama and our military/intel community seeking justice. #NeverForget

iPhone : CIA officers relentlessly fight terrorism, drawing purpose from the nearly 3,000 killed 17 years ago today. Many sacrificed their lives to protect us. We are proud to help support CIA families and honor the memory of those lost. #Sept11 #NeverForget911

iPhone : As smoke billowed from the tower and concrete debris rained from the sky, 1st responders AND journalists raced to the scene. Nearly everyone else fled in the opposite direction. As we remember #September11 heroes, we must include those who risked their lives to report the tragedy

iPhone : 17 years later — what I saw on #September11 still defines how I see America. We are a country of everyday heroes — they come from law enforcement, fire houses, and our military. And when we were knocked down that dark day, we picked ourselves up, and united as ONE people.