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iPhone : 3) When checking into the hospital today, they asked my religious preference. I said, “Democrat.” The lady looked up from her monitor and repeated the question. This time I said, “Democrat. That’s the only religion I practice.”

Lawd, help me here in the Deep South. 🙃

iPhone : 2) but surgery is necessary to maintain mobility. And we protestors have lots of marching to do before we’re rid of this entire corrupt administration and GOP.

New followers, don’t give up on me. I’ll follow back ASAP.

I’ll leave y’all for now with a little chuckle...

iPhone : Hey, my awesom fam. I’m going offline for a week or so due to some neurological surgery I’m having tomorrow. Many of you have noticed I’m not quite the same old Pam lately. I haven’t felt well for a few weeks.

But they’re gonna fix me. No, it’s nothing life-threatening...

iPhone : After all of this, we now have a president who happily hands over classified information to our enemies. It’s clear now why Putin was so desperate to get Trump elected.…

iPhone : His contradictions are so absurd that in the far future, historians will believe that previous historians must have altered the facts.…

iPhone : I have a son who is of draft age. If I have to, I will chloroform, gag and kidnap my own child before he ever fights in a war started by Trump, a war to defend the Saudis and Russia.

I’ll show Trump what draft dodging looks like from the other side.