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iPhone : Beto has dropped out. Much respect for him doing that.

If the Dem candidates possess true patriotism, they’ll cast aside personal ambition and decide upon the strongest candidate and the rest drop out.

We need unity.

And we need one person to attack Trump non-stop.

iPhone : I love the progressive stand of California and the west coast

I hate reading Resister comments that Cali will secede and become its own republic and thrive

Successful Secession in the 21st century is a pipe dream

Folks, focus on real solutions and stop weaving fairy tales.

iPhone : Who needs nuclear weapons to do the damage?

At the rate Trump and the Republicans are defiling environmental laws, our grandchildren will be living in a toxic wasteland.

iPhone : Most people think of Hollywood, glitz and earthquakes when they hear California, when in fact the state leads the nation in farm produce per year.…

iPhone : A judge delayed the case until Dec filed by 2 high-level Trump administration officials claiming their status gives immunity from complying with Congressional subpoenas.

Why the delay for something that is clearly spelled out in the law.?

Expect similar tactics in the future.

iPhone : .... Leader McConnell is pounding out the message that impeachment proceedings are a waste of good time that the House should be legislating.


In 2019 alone, the House has passed a little over 100 bills that McConnell has refused to bring to a vote in the Senate.