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Twitter Web App : All US Navy ships in the Pacific near countries with coronavirus ordered to self-quarantine for 14 days | Raw Story rawstory.com/2020/02/all-us…

Twitter Web App : Remember that time the Fox News guy said he hadn't washed his hands for ten years to build his immunity?


Twitter Web App : Low energy W had a sock market crash but i had the single largest point decline ever on one day... and my bungling the #TrumpVirus with science free Mike Pounce ,Steve Munchkin and Larry Coke may even create a bigger total crash

Twitter Web App : NEW: β€œIT MAKES NO SENSE”

The Mayor & D.A. of Memphis speak out against the radical, extreme Governor Bill Lee-backed idea of not needing a permit to carry a deadly weapon in Tennessee.

Tennessee has 5 of the 65 deadliest cities in the country.

Twitter Web App : The US Fish and Wildlife Service is recommending that a vast area across seven states be set aside as critical habitat for a rare songbird that migrates each year from Central and South America. apne.ws/QsiGSko

Twitter Web App : Turkey said on Friday that 22 of its soldiers were killed in an airstrike in Idlib, northwest #Syria.


Twitter Web App : Marco Rubio have you heard about the fraud and corruption involved when private owners tried to buy JEA our power company and price gouge us as a captives to a monopoly? Well now you know! I trust government over corporations any day. twitter.com/marcorubio/sta…

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Nigeria reports first case of coronavirus bnonews.com/index.php/2020…

Twitter Web App : By the metric of actually doing anything to materially address the potential health care crisis we face...it was also a colossal failure.

So, colossal failure all around, I'd say.

Twitter Web App : The stock market is irrational & not reflective of the health of the overall economy. That said, Trump puts too much weight on stock market performance & clearly orchestrated yesterday's coronavirus press conference to calm the markets. By that metric it was a colossal failure.