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Bio President of the @AFLCIO. Proud husband, dad, grandpa, and @MineWorkers member. Fighting to give everyone a voice on the job. #1u | he/him
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Twitter Web App : Why is @realdonaldtrump so resistant to making this deal enforceable? Working people want a new NAFTA that works for Main Street and not just Wall Street.

Twitter Web App : Damn right I'm a proud union guy who fights for all working people, @realdonaldtrump. As I've said for months, if the new NAFTA benefits workers, we'd support it. It's simply not there yet.

Twitter Ads : .@realdonaldtrump missed the mark on Fox News this a.m. The notion that anybody could play @speakerpelosi like a fiddle is laughable. She wants the same thing we do: an enforceable agreement that actually works for workers.

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iPhone : ..sexual orientation or gender identity, comprehensive immigration reform, voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights and a path to secure work and upward mobility for young people.

This is the broad-based agenda that will build solidarity and power for all who work for a living.

iPhone : If we do this right, the labor movement can be the place where ALL working people come together, and no one gets left behind. Strengthening fair employment laws, adopting protections for workers who are discriminated against because of their gender, race, ethnicity...

iPhone : According to U.S. Census Bureau, people of color will become the majority of the US population by 2045. The shift will occur by next year for those younger than 18. The labor movement is already nearly 7M women, by 2025, are on track to make up more than half of the union workforce.

iPhone : The path to a positive future of work, one compatible with democracy, is not just about technology. As part of our future of work commission, we undertook a serious self-assessment at how we could attract a workforce that is growing increasingly more diverse.

iPhone : If we want to secure a democratic and prosperous future, working people must have a real seat at the table when it comes to the design and deployment of innovation.

iPhone : America’s workers, particularly young people, are tired of being silenced. We are hungry for connection to each other, so we can influence the decisions that will shape the future.

iPhone : At its core, I believe the future of work debate is about voice. Who has a say in the development and deployment of technology? Who owns, controls and profits from the data we all generate? Who decides how the benefits of technology are distributed?

iPhone : So until the administration can show us in writing that the new #NAFTA is truly enforceable with stronger labor standards, there is still more work to be done.

iPhone : We are in a position of tremendous strength. Our allies on Capitol Hill understand that getting this done right is more important than getting it done fast. #NAFTA

iPhone : Headed to the store to stock up ahead of #Thanksgiving or #Friendsgiving? Make sure your meal is #unionmade! 🦃

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iPhone : The AFL-CIO ✊🏽 joins the ITUC CSA-TUCA in condemning military interference in Bolivia's election process. Morales reduced widespread poverty and fought for the inclusion of the indigenous majority. Bolivians must be able to vote peacefully and freely in new elections.…

Twitter Web App : A Brazilian judge has answered the call of the global labor movement and champions of democracy worldwide. Lula is free. We are all a little freer today.…

Twitter Web App : The SEC should protect the rights of working people as the real mainstreet investors, not the interests of overpaid and unaccountable corporate CEOs.

Twitter Web App : We strongly oppose the SEC's shareholder proposal rule changes that will limit the ability of working people and their pension plans to have a voice in the companies that we invest in.…