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Bio Libertarianism and Austrian economics. Deputy Research Director and Head of Transport @iealondon. Author of three reports on HS2. Own views.
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TweetDeck : Disgraced former prime minister Tony Blair was reportedly bidding for contracts with the European Union for his “institute for global change” as he publicly campaigned to overturn Brexit:…

TweetDeck : Yes, HS2 is a "turkey", but high-speed rail links in the north would be even worse value for money. The passenger volumes would be far too low to make the lines viable.… #HS2 #StopHS2

TweetDeck : French police knee a defenceless protester in the head during ongoing anti-government protests - one of several appalling incidents today. Were still waiting for EU leaders to condemn President Macron for this brutal crackdown. #GiletsJaunes #Acte59

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TweetDeck : This week in 2009, US Special Forces conducted a night raid in Kunar province, Afghanistan, storming a home, dragging school children from their beds, & executing them with shots to the head. Other children were shot as they slept. In total, 8 children and 2 adults were killed.

TweetDeck : RELEASE: OPCW-Douma Docs 4. Four leaked documents from the OPCW reveal that toxicologists ruled out deaths from chlorine exposure and a senior official ordered the deletion of the dissenting engineering report from OPCW’s internal repository of documents.

Twitter Web App : As money loses its purchasing power, income and wealth are stealthily redistributed. Some individuals and groups of people are enriched at the expense of others. | Thorsten Polleit…

Twitter Web App : On this day in 1862, Abraham Lincoln ordered the largest ever mass execution in the country’s history, hanging 38 innocent Dakota men, after sham military trials. The ‘crime’ they were convicted of was resisting their own ethnic cleansing.

TweetDeck : The Guardian went in six short years from being the natural outlet to place stories exposing wrongdoing by the security state to a platform trusted by the security state to amplify its [dis]information operations:… #FreeAssange

TweetDeck : There have been some terrible economic ideas over the last century. Negative interest rates were up there with the most dangerous:…

TweetDeck : And still my story about the scandalous suppression of the truth at the Poison Gas Watchdog OPCW has not been followed by the grand newspapers and broadcasters of the west. Shame on them.

TweetDeck : Britain's trade with the EU is in steady, relentless decline. Its share of UK exports has been falling by about one percentage point a year. With its permanently weak economy, that is only going to continue:… #Brexit

TweetDeck : The Spanish police’s bloody assault on peaceful voters in the Catalan referendum and the repeated police crackdowns on protests in Catalonia were carried out in blatant violation of the law. And EU officials abetted Madrid’s policies:… #Catalonia

TweetDeck : Strange how the Western media seem far more bothered about Khashoggi's murder than Saudi Arabia's brutal war on Yemen, which has killed hundreds of thousands - but then again the US and UK governments have been helping the Saudis to massacre Yemenis.…

TweetDeck : UK backed S.African apartheid, practised its own apartheid in 1940s/50s Kenya, depopulated Chagos Islanders since they were “Man Fridays”, and have systemically treated the non-European world as unpeople, as servants of their elite interests, for centuries, continuing today.