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iPhone : I served with LTC Vindman in Moscow. Here we are together at the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad. He was a stellar member of our team, smart, fluent in Russian, and 100% dedicated to serving our fantastic country. You can support Trump without smearing this soldier.

iPhone : I often talk of how Jaime used to stop bullies and telling her to stop because of my fear she could get hurt. Now we have a bully shooting and murdering another teen who stopped him from bullying. Where did he get gun and ammo? This was preventable!!!…

iPhone : This photo of Senate Republicans laughing and applauding Trumps hateful vindictive speech was taken at yesterdays prayer breakfast.

It was taken one day after Republicans voted to let Trump do anything he wants and one day before the Vindman brothers were fired.

iPhone : Make no mistake. We are sliding headlong into Autocracy. The checks & balances of 3 co-equal branches of government are gone. The People’s House is on fire. No more fighting over minor policy differences. This Nov. We The People must put this Malignant Fire Out.

iPhone : Don’t tell the truth.

Don’t talk to Congress.

Don’t rat on the boss.

If you see corruption, keep your damn mouth shut.

Or else.

That’s American democracy under Republicans.

iPhone : What normally happens when a public official retaliates against a witness who testified about the public official’s criminal conduct is that the public official goes to prison.

iPhone : Heres the original song written by British artist Laura Mvula called Brighter Dawn that ends our film. Released today. Go find it on your fav platforms. Herere links to Apple & Spotify

iPhone : No corporation pulling in billions of dollars in profits should pay a lower tax rate than our teachers and firefighters. It’s time corporations pay their fair share.…

iPhone : See it!! It’s the tops!! All performances! I will be seeing it again. Buying some tickets for ffinrds too!…

iPhone : Oh my god. What a great pic. John Spencer’s expression is priceless. And exactly John.
He spoke of the Patty Duke show numerous times. Love this.…