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Bio The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. Winston Churchill
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iPhone : If we are to win against the evil fascists, we must:

- no-platform those who hold incorrect views
- enforce restrictions on speech
- have them removed from their jobs
- ensure they lose access to alternative financial support
- throw milkshakes at them in the street

iPhone : As Daesh's "Caliphate" Is Gone, Are We Ready To Bring Daesh To Justice?

Crucial to focus efforts into investigating crimes committed and prosecute perpetrators for atrocities they unleashed in Syria, Iraq and other countries forbes.com/sites/ewelinao…

iPhone : Remarkably how Trump has single-handedly changed the US debate on China. During the campaign his China positions were regularly mocked and presented as prime evidence that he was not fit to be president. Now the same commentators accuse him of not being tough enough on China...

iPhone : This is just arcane vacuous drivel. But as regular people increasingly associate this type of rhetoric with the left--the less likely the left will be in a position to win elections twitter.com/ABCthedrum/sta…

iPhone : This feckless fool is a disaster zone. Failed abysmally in Flinders & despite her best efforts, the Liberals won the seat she abandoned, Chisholm. Wonder if the Turnbulls will still take her calls... twitter.com/australian/sta…

iPhone : My god!

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iPhone : EmmyJewel Pretty clear that it’s $200 + postage which you helpfully pointed out is around $30. Why would you charge 30 for something you’ve established is 200+

iPhone : The first time I encountered Jew hatred was when I was at UCLA. A Muslim friend told me the “Jewish hand is in the pocket of American government.” At a UCLA class last week, a “resistance studies” professor called supporters of Israel white supremacists. jewishjournal.com/news/los_angel…

iPhone : Watching renewable energy spivs losing their shit on twitter.com.

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