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Bio I write and illustrate books for children. Official World Book Day Illustrator 2019 & 2020.
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Twitter Web App : Poka Paka 🐾 Im all for the 50s 60s danger in books. Ive got a couple that are in that style, currently in the making, which Im very excited to see publish!

iPhone : Jst parked a little part of my soul in the splinter-bright light of the Arctic’s Lofoten Islands. Now home to write JUNGLEDROP (nxt adventure in THE UNMAPPED CHRONICLES).Once the glow-in-the-dark rainforest&golden panthers r done, I’ll b bk online but for the nxt few months, bye!

Twitter for iPad : Olivia Hope For me this would be the cue for a full-on discussion on ear anatomy 😆 #audiologist The 7 yo should count themselves lucky I wasn’t in the car! #notthesamethingatall 😉

Hootsuite Inc. : Our final #PuzzleoftheWeek comes from the Bond Word Puzzles book! Full of mind-bending challenges, kids will love this as a holiday activity book. Remember to tweet us your answers!

Buy the book and find more #free puzzles on Oxford Owl:

iPhone : So pleased to see Theres a Rang-tan in my Bedroom by James Sellick, Illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon and A Planet Full of Plastic by Neal Layton featured in this article.
James vision to not only educate but to inspire a new wave of eco warriors is spot on!🌎…

iPhone : Very sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of animator Richard Williams. A strong influence on the way I ‘looked’ at people around me. On posture, gesture, movement...particularly in my early career. #RIPRichardWilliams…

iPhone : Only 3 days until these beautiful Elmers Great North Parade sculptures will be on the streets of Tyne and Wear - hope as many #Elmer30 fans as possible get to see them! They truly are spectacular!

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TweetDeck : **COMPETITION KLAXON** Calling all teachers and librarians, our writing competition with
gal-dem has been extended to run until 18th October to give you a chance to share with any aspiring writers you teach! Details can be found:…

TweetDeck : The True Colours of Coral Glen by Juliette Forrest is perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Helena Duggan. Join #CoralGlen on a spooky adventure full of witches, ghosts and other things lurking around the corners of her not-so-ordinary-after-all town…

Sprout Social : Our #BookTrustRepresents event in Bradford is completely free and features top authors and industry experts, so if you fancy it, make sure you get your ticket now! Spaces are filling up fast...…

iPhone : Booked Max & Ivan’s show ‘Commitment’ at #edfringe on a whim for our last night and it was 10/10. Highly recommend if you’re coming up here. It’s packed full of gags and heart (and about male friendship, aka my Kryptonite). 👌👌👌

iPhone : I regret to inform you that this is how Joe Wicks pronounces Wensleydale.

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Android : Andy Kesson After grumblings from the back seat while skipping tracks, my friend asked her toddler son what HE wanted to listen to... She had to pull the car over when he requested Knock Knock Knocking on Kevins Door. The poor kid didnt understand her sudden fit of hysterics. :)

Android : #CITESCoP18 Day 1. I’ve got a big question! #SpeciesSurvivalNetwork ⁦⁦Humane Society Intl⁩ ⁦David Shepherd Wildlife FoundationBorn Free USA⁩ ⁦Bella Lack 🌱⁩ ⁦Zac Goldsmith⁩ ⁦World Animal News⁩ ⁦Mongabay⁩ ⁦The Dodo⁩ ⁦CITES⁩ ⁦Chris Packham

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Twitter Web App : What are the rules on word invention. I want to use the word snippering to describe the pincering movement of a tiny crabs claws. Do I have to alert the Oxford Dictionary people myself?

TweetDeck : Best thing about the Beano exhibition at Mottisfont is just how durned tight that ink work is on the pre-print panels. Explaining to kiddo that it was all ink and linework, no digital magic. So amazing plus the giant Mottisfont time travelling comic strip is just ACE

iPhone : “When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back / Three from circle & three from the track...”
Susan Cooper’s classic series of fantasy novels, The Dark Is Rising sequence (1965-77), is being reissued by Puffin in November, with forewords by me & brilliant jackets by Joe McLaren

Echobox Social : Cold War sailors 50-year-old message in a bottle found in Alaska…

Android : Fancy an afternoon of story-telling and Greenpeace themed crafts? Look no further... James Sellick, author of Theres a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom will be at Waterstones Piccadilly next Friday. Free tickets but make sure you book here:…

iPhone : Today is a good day to reiterate that Proud Boys founder, white nationalist neo-Nazi Gavin McInnes was allowed entry into Israel, while two American congresswomen were not.

Twitter Web App : The most viewed post on Story Snug this week: ‘How Save the Day for Ada May! was conceptualised’ by Elizabeth Dale…
Elizabeth talks about the inspiration behind her & #PatrickCorrigans new interactive #picturebook #SavetheDayforAdaMay 🐑🐕🌳🦆🚜

iPhone : 83% of British children surveyed can’t recognise a bumblebee.
23% can’t recognise a robin, 65% a bluetit, 50% a puffin.
40% don’t know a dandelion, 50% a bluebell, 99% a beech leaf.
Smallish sample size but striking results.
Also—it’s not the kids’ fault.…

Hootsuite Inc. : Sundays are the perfect day for curling up with a good book (or pre-ordering any books youre excited about but arent out yet). What are you reading, or thinking about reading in the coming months? 📚

#ChildrensLaureate #WeLoveBooks

Hootsuite Inc. : Are you a #PowerOfReading teacher? Join our NEW group to share your work, discuss lesson plans and see whats been working for other teachers over on our Facebook page!…

Twitter Web App : That time a debate about gun control in response to mass shooters devolves into conservatives echoing the same sentiments as said mass shooters... 🤦‍♂️😢💔

Twitter Web Client : Yeah, I know I should have waited and posted all 4 of them together... but I got excited after completing the first one.

Here are my Inclusive Books KS1 & KS2
All four downloadable for free from here;…

Put a couple of pennies in a charity box instead!

Android : Thank-you so much, Susan, for this fantastic review.

#IfOnly is out in paperback THIS THURSDAY ➡️


Twitter Web App : For those with loved ones living with #dementia #Alzheimers there’s a really honest review of #TheTide from BookBairn on her Instagram page, where she talks about her personal experience. Inspirational and powerful stuff 💛 #dementia #Alzheimers Alzheimers Society Dementia Friends

Twitter Ads : #HamiltonLDN tickets for December 2019 & January 2020 including Christmas and New Year performances will be released tomorrow at 12 noon.

Buffer : What happened to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, and his missing plane?

A French diver finds the wreckage.

iPhone : Full marks to a man in the cafe this morning. When his kids asked for a story, he immediately began: Once upon a time there was a spaceship called the Nostromo. Everybody inside it was asleep... I didnt want to leave

Twitter Web App : Its my mothers funeral this afternoon, just outside Johannesburg, and Ive written this about the mighty Jess McRae

Twitter Web App : Darlings, if youre at the fringe, go and see the delicious Miss Carys Eleri. A show so full of love and wet yourself hilarity that youll change your brain chemistry.

iPhone : A lovely librarian asked very nicely if I could make a version of this poster with The Bookseller swapped for The Librarian at the top. You can now download both versions for free here:… 📚😊

iPhone : Lacazette: “The Premier League has seen some very good Lacazette moments, but not the best yet.

“I know I can do even better, Im always expecting more from myself.


iPhone : Luiz: I am so happy here [at #Arsenal] as since the first day I felt welcome. This is a big club & I want to be here and see it shine – on the pitch & outside. This is what my motivation is every day

iPhone : Worst fucking account on Arsenal twitter

Geezer was wanking over Ceballos until he came... now he’s here he doesn’t rate him

Fuck off…