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Twitter Web App : So that's half for one species and the other half for the millions of other species we share the planet with. Doesn't really seem fair somehow.…

Twitter Web App : "Animal is paraded through town before being chopped up as part of cookery event."…

Twitter Web App : New technology allows fleets to double fishing capacity -- and deplete fish stocks faster…

Twitter Web App : Please continue to support and/or circulate this important action against the ongoing slaughter of Dolphins and Whales at Taiji and the Faroe Islands. TY.… via Blue Planet Society

Twitter Web App : Commonplace, casual shredding of innocent babies! Sentient life as detritus in the food industry. Dont be a part of this - #govegan #antispeciesism

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Twitter Web App : Free-range farming! The industry labels say humane, but this is the sickening truth. Dont buy the lies - #govegan #antispeciesism

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Twitter Web App : will often have #Compassion and awareness for other #Species that their parents do not have…

Twitter Web App : Why should I eat this poor harmless animal? Seven-year-old forced to eat meat. Wrong on so many levels. #Govegan #antispeciesism

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Twitter Web App : Mankind is so brutal and in this case for #Fashion

Think before you buy #Fashion you may be buying the #Fur of many #Animals and I know you wouldn't want that…

Twitter Web App : Animals dont go willingly to the slaughterhouse; they fight for their lives up until the last second.

🎥 @theHumaneLeague 🐄

#ItalianCheeseMonth 🧀

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Twitter Web App : Fuck it. May as well eat people too. There are fucking loads of those cunts…

Twitter Web App : How the fuck is torturing a bull to death entertainment? Filthy barbaric scum. Ban bullfighting. ~ @RickyGervais.

Let EVERYONE know that #bullfighting is WRONG with a top from the End BullFighting range at…


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Twitter Web App : This #nightjar was caught together with another 100 birds in the mistnets on #Cyprus. CABS volunteers work the whole night, freeing birds from the nets and releasing them. Clip shows how we slowly & safely released it.🙌Support our #birdguard work #donate #forbirds

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Twitter Web App : Please watch our two-part trailer on the now proven false science which maintains animal experiments.

Then please take action with rescued ex-laboratory Scarlett, Beagle Ambassador for FLOE, to #EndAnimalTesting 👉

Ricky Gervais #WorldDayForAnimalsInLaboratories #WDAIL #Dogs

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Twitter Web App : TUI UK So you can sell your tickets to #Seaworld A cruel facility condemned by ALL international animal.welfare organisations & International Press. Dolphins kept in tiny swimming pools FORCED 2 entertain Morons. Pls sign…

Twitter Web App : This shocking video shows a bull slowly being killed in front of cheering children as young as 6 at a French bullfighting school.

Animal rights group @OneVoiceAnimal infiltrated the school as part of the group’s push to ban the centres they say give an “education of sadism.”

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