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Bio Retired & tired of Trumps bullshit. If you are Alt-right or MAGA, I wont respond; Ill simply block you, I dont tolerate stupid. Magats are Trumps Opioids.
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Twitter Web App : Adam Schiff Virginia Moignard It's way past time to impeach Barr, what more do you need to prove Obstruction of Justice? Barr is a liar and puppet and needs to be brought to justice. So please do your job, even if the Senate won't convict you might put him out of action while he's going through impeachment.

Twitter Web App : Joanna Adler The way she looks at Trudeau, well who knows, maybe Baron deserves Canadian citizenship. Even Trump has doubts, or is it that he knows something we don't.

She sure looks at Trudeau as if he might care if Baron is vaping; food for thought. Donald is no prize, so who knows????

Twitter Web App : Fourteenstories Donald J. Trump You really need to ask? Of course he's insane, and getting worse by the day. But his base eats this shit up and don't hesitate to swallow it.
They lost their soul and there is no limit to the hate they feel for others. It's not just him, it's his cult that eggs him on.

Twitter Web App : CJ 🌊 GOP isn't doing this to show support for Trump, they're scared and it show's. Why would someone with an 80% approval in his own party be afraid of a primary? Maybe because they know his weaknesses will be exposed. This is what fear looks like. They're going down, and know it.

Twitter Web App : Jill Wine-Banks Betsy Gervasi Well the timing is right, this will take about 9-months to 1-year for any conclusions. Takes us right into the election in 2020, what could be worse for Trump and the GOP than being in the middle of an impeachment hearing? It would be great if they impeached him late Oct. 2020...

Twitter Web App : Joanna Adler Why in the world would anyone believe Trump about anything. He lies for the sake of lying with no real reason. It's indeed sad that no one believes him and takes the word of our enemy's over his. Of course it can be argued; who's the worst enemy; Trump wins hands down.

Twitter Web App : MLE🌳💙⚖️💙🇺🇸☮️ John Kaminar I only wish I knew, we can vote him out, but for my way of thinking that's a pass on what he's got away with. He needs to be impeached and he can't go out with a clean record, saying he was innocent; he was never impeached. So it's really up to Congress, not me, I wish it was.

Twitter Web App : John Kaminar When a petulant child isn't punished for doing something wrong that child starts to think there is no wrong. Trump is a petulant child who has never been punished; he just keeps on doing what he wants. The time to punish the child is long overdue, Trump needs to get what's coming

Twitter Web App : Scotty D Melania Trump Donald J. Trump Just wait until he meets, Mrs. Trump Number 4, she'll be deported faster than you can say illegal alien. If Stormy gave him the time of day for free, Melania would be on the next plane out of the country. Why would he pay alimony, or child support if he could get away with it?

Twitter Web App : Rep. Eric Swalwell Are you sure you want to keep shooting this type of tweet out; and continue to do nothing to make "him go?" We're tired of Congress telling us what a law breaker he is, and just giving lip service. We all know he has to go, but does Nancy Pelosi know it? Do your job, impeach!!!

Twitter Web App : Do you think he'll hire Sean Spicer to talk about what a great crowd he had, or will he talk about it on Hannity, either way I suspect he'll use a doctored picture. Maybe even the one on the right, he'll claim that was his crowd. 🥳🎈…

Twitter Web App : Malcolm Nance What are her poll numbers? I'm more worried about the people who will vote for her in the primaries. Being nuts really is non partisan, but I still think the GOP is nuttier and dumber. But if she has a significant number of supporters, Oh shit...we're screwed.

Twitter Web App : Adam Schiff CeCeResistance You control the budget; if he can take this money, it can't be needed by defense. So the simple solution is cut the damn defense budget by every penny he takes for his vanity wall. Why continue to add to the deficit over a budget with no teeth and no real meaning, tired of the BS

Twitter Web App : Rep. Eric Swalwell CeCeResistance He see's them in his future, it's not so much that he hates them, it's that they scare the hell out of him. He won't be able to hide behind POTUS much longer. He'll start hating Corrections Officers very soon, they won't screw around with him, they'll just throw him in a cell.

Twitter Web App : JamesVGrimaldi CeCeResistance Rep. Eric Swalwell It seems to me that if the Pentagon can piss away 3.6B on a wall for Trumps vanity wall maybe the defense budget needs some major adjustment, like a 3.6B cut. The 127 military projects couldn't have been that important if they can release the funds. Cut the budget!!!