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iPhone : Thoughtful piece from start to finish. Great line: "Authoritarianism is all-powerful yet brittle, while democracy is pathetic but resilient."…

iPhone : I have full confidence in LGen Rouleau as he takes over as Commander of CJOC. LGen Rouleau will serve CJOC well as Canada continues our important work in Ukraine, Latvia, the Middle East & around the world. I wish LGen Bowes all the best in his new role serving our Veterans.…

iPhone : Thx CFR Such stats should be part of a public education effort on trade - current account vs merchandise balances - macroeconomics 101…

iPhone : 6/And since the #SouthernFront (major "moderate" #Syrian rebel alliance in SW #Syria ) is weaker than ever, partly due to #Trump policy to cut support for it last year, and most of its groups essentially now exist in name only, an #Assad military campaign could go quick...

iPhone : 4/To preclude that scenario, the #Russians have been smartly focusing on getting #Jordan to agree to get its proxy #Syrian rebel forces to relinquish the Nasib zone, an 18 KM corridor from the border point to #Assad -held territory and to let Reconciliation happen in E #Daraa Rif

iPhone : 3/Problems w/idea of #Assad Alliance offensive in SW #Syria always were: (1) #Jordanian estimate 150K new refugees all heading toward #Jordan and (2) #Iran and #Hezbollah Network needed because of manpower shortages in SAA which could bring #Israel into the fight =regional war.

iPhone : Basra, Ameri Sadr Abadi are 6, 5, 5, then 4 for Maliki. Oil people will be interested to know that Oil Min Luaybi came in first among Nasr candidates.

iPhone : In Ninawa, Nujayfi's bloc not only lost to Nasr, they lost to Ameri's Fatih as well. Got 3 seats in his base, Abadi's bloc got 7. Khalid al-Obaydi came in first, of course, among Nasr candidates. They aren't giving individual votes right now, just order w/n bloc.