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TweetDeck : KKK has killed 5000+ Americans since 1865
•Not designated as terror org

White Nationalists have killed 313+ Americans since 1995
•Not designated as terror org

Antifa has killed 0 Americans—ever
•This is clearly a terror org


TweetDeck : Did you respectfully ask your own officers to stop handing over information on the location of antifascist demonstrators to violent far-right extremists? #Portland…

TweetDeck : This made me ugly laugh and I’m ashamed

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TweetDeck : Details not given in this article, but I'm assuming this is exactly as bad as it sounds. If crap like this keeps up, it's possible in the future I'll only be playing old or indie games. Any streaming-only game is on death row from the beginning.

TweetDeck : The way that social Conservatives have latched onto increased public awareness of autism to demean people makes me pretty fucking mad.

How can you do something like that and not realize you're the bad guy?

TweetDeck : determined not to experience a repeat of the charlottesville misunderstanding, the president has clarified that he is definitely on the side of the nazis…

TweetDeck : they're awkwardly dancing to a terrible anti-antifa rap song

just crushingly embarrassed for these people. if any of them had a friend they wouldn't be there