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Twitter Web App : Hey all animators! I’m looking to hire someone for a short term project that can clean up key frames on model. If you’re interested, please drop your portfolio in the REPLIES of this tweet and I’ll send you a style test if you look like a good fit! (Project and test are paid!)

Twitter Web App : Don’t piss yourself. Here’s a taste of a behind-the-scenes look at #DCUHARLEYQUINN coming soon to #DCUNIVERSE.

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Twitter Web App : My body. My choice, not yours, Trump. Health care is under attack like never before. But the one sure thing? Planned Parenthood is here for good. I stand w/ Planned Parenthood, & Planned Parenthood stands w/ u. #IStandWithPP #ProtectX

Twitter Web App : Quinton Reviews 🎬 That doesn't surprise me. And Sony has every right to say no. Disney owns 35% of the media and for them to ask for half of the money from the Spider-Man movies is beyond selfish

Twitter Web App : I'm confused why everyone is screaming for *Sony* to fix this Spider-Man dispute?

From what I've read, it's clearly a case of Disney trying to be greedy. Disney was asking for half of the profits of all Spider-Man movies... while they make billions elsewhere.

Twitter Web App : Everyone is making a big stink about Tom Holland not being Spider-Man. Did everyone just forget Miles and Into the Spiderverse? I'd honestly rather have another animated Spider-Man movie than a live-action one. #Spidey #Sony

Twitter Web App : The #Bojackhorseman crew is peacefully demonstrating outside ShadowMachine for a fair contract and wages. Please support them and RT! #valueartists #unionizebojack Dave McNary Jonathan Handel Los Angeles Times #tornante

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Twitter Web App : “I was late finding out it was canceled,” said Haddish. “Tuca & Bertie is close to me. It is amazing and needs to be seen.”…

Twitter Web App : well this tweet seems to be in good faith, totally not cursed at all…


We found this thing we made long ago. Isnt it cool?

Monster Prom draws more inspiration from TV shows than from videogames. Our idea for the whole experience was like a TV show you can play.

Anyone interested? Netflix US perhaps? 👻👻👻

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Twitter Web App : I'm rewatching #TwelveForever for like the third time because not only is it an amazing show, I'm afraid if I don't keep watching it, Netflix will cancel it. I'm still made about Tuca and Bertie