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Bio Artist, Actor, loves singing and animals. There is magic everywhere, its time to play! Aquarius | Hufflepuff | Animist | #Earthfinalconflict
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Twitter Web Client : Joseph Gordon-Levitt In the end only you can make yourself happy, so eat the food, listen to the music, wear the clothes that makes you happy, as long as it doesn't hurt or degrade someone else, then by all means, enjoy yourself and your life because no one else can do it for you. ❤️😊 2/2

Twitter Web Client : Joseph Gordon-Levitt This is a very real and personal post about something I think we all do to some extent. Fear of judgement from others, so much that it affects even personal time alone. Celebrities/famous people are in essence still people with feelings, & many don't remember that. 1-

Twitter Web Client : It's now raining, I am thankful for the nourishment it will give to the parched earth here. I can hear the birds enjoying the respite from the heat. Mild thunder rolls in the distance and I feel at peace.

Twitter Web Client : Kitchiki I adore Montreal Canada seems very arty there in various levels, but I can't handle the cold sadly.
Germany was very friendly, lots of old architecture, and the rolling countryside was similar to NZ.
I'm tempted by the UK, lots of horsey culture but the weather doesn't appeal.

Twitter Web Client : This actually happened-

Me, Drops thyme on the floor; Oh no my thyme!!
-Long pause as I know there was a joke waiting to happen but couldn't think of one good enough-
Housemate hovering in doorway: Did you just waste thyme?
Me overjoyed at the pun: YES yes I wasted thyme!