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Bio 22 y.o. | ♀ | Gemini | Proud animal mom | My pets are my children | Drawing, dog sports, cooking & veterinary medicine | Shy potato | Bangtan stole my heart ♡
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Twitter Web App : The only thing I wish was different were his contact lenses. Honey, your eyes are beautiful as they are and to be honest, I prefer your natural dark eye color. Dont hide those gems from me 😔 Also hes such a teaser! Im not even joking!

Twitter Web App : Ah... even his eyes are smiling, there isnt anything more perfect in this world than a smile and yours shines very strong, cutie 😍 Perfect from every angle, thats our Jiminie ❤ Thank you for your time, nighty night now, sleep tight! 😙

Twitter Web App : WILD JIMIN APPEARED! 😆 I dont know how he does it, but even though I cant understand a single word he says, I can listen to his voice for eternity. His smile prolongs my life and I cant get enough of it 💙 I love how he tells stories with his whole body. Just look at him 😊

Twitter Web App : Year 2019 is strong! 🌈 Dear Eugene Lee Yang, Daniel Howell and hopefully more people, I wish you true love and nerves of steel because sadly, you will need them in your life. The best people I've ever known were always homosexuals and I'm so lucky that they are my friends 💜…

Twitter Web App : Such a nice song 🎧 Great job, Tae, J-Hope & Zara! It definitely has its spot in my playlist 😊…

Twitter Web App : Cooling myself with a yummy ice cream in this tropical weather and messing with filters 😆 Oh how I would love to have squished face like that 😭

Twitter Web App : Simple, yet breathtaking edit ❤️ Well done, ggukreum! Bangtan stole my heart almost 3 years ago and my only regret is that I didn't find you sooner. You did it, my angels 😇

#6YearsWithBTS #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS #6YearsWithLuv 방탄소년단

Twitter Web Client : I'm crying... 😭 My honey boy Jimin, you're the best thing that happened to Bangtan! Thank you for the video, I can't be happier 💛 I wasn't there when you started but I swear I'll be with you until the end! I love you! ❤️

#6YearsWithOurHomeBTS #6YearsWithBTS #6YearsWithLuv…

Twitter Web App : Mickey is like: Daaaad! You're embarassing me! Stop it! Dad, I mean it! 😩 What a baby 😄 I'm glad you're back home, J-Hope! Enjoy the time with your family ❤️…