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Twitter Web App : I would seriously die for my adorable ToMori ship (BNHA Shigaraki Tomura & my BNHA OC Momoyama Moriko)! ❤️ This beautiful person did such a great job with my sketch and description of them! Q - Q If you want a pixel for yourself, definitely send a message to them!…

Twitter Web App : Lying Suga with adorable Min Holly is probably the best combination ever (maybe someone can give Suga a trophy and it will be even more perfect!) 💕 Enjoy your holiday, Suga! If you go out, don't forget to drink plenty of water and relax a lot! Take care, sweetie 😘…

Twitter Web App : Yes, yes and yes again! 😍 Namjoonie is such a model and he knows it! Look at him, so stunning and I can't even say how much I love his dark hair here! 😘 It's not that I don't like this prince with light dyed hair but urgh- This is p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n 👌💘…

Twitter Web App : I found this old photo with my little beautiful son 😍 I honestly cant wait for Christmas break from work and two weeks with my family 😊

Twitter Web App : Awww, what a nice photo of resting angels 😍 Look at the- Wait a second... Do you see what I see?! 😱 NAMJOONIE! That's one serious biceps you got there, my dear! 😳 Heck why did you hide that body of yours for such a long time! Dang it, I can't stop staring at you now >///<…

Twitter Web App : Look at this beautiful sunshine ☀️ Is this the most handsome, caring, supportive, sweetest, cutest and just lovely in every way Mr. bear? Yes! Period. I really hope you're enjoying your summer time, eat a lot, no accidents and just do what you love, Namjoonie 💕…

Twitter Web App : Also I can imagine what Bambínka was thinking about me in the last photo 😂 Well I can't say I'm surprised by his expression because these photos were taken before and after the last swimming lesson when he broke his own swimming record (those 200 m) 😊

Twitter Web App : Swimming with my killer whale baby 🌊 We couldnt enjoy the river this summer as much as I would like to but at least we enjoyed ourselves each time we were swimming together! 💙 Im also extremely proud of Bambínka because he was able to swim for 200 metres! Hes the best boy!🥰

Twitter Web App : Wooooah, this looks interesting! I want to go there so badly 😊 I hope you enjoyed your time and learned something new, Namjoonie! Stay safe! ❤…


Well look at those two very inteligent people trying to figure out what the heck they should be doing 🤣

I want that home! So pretty! 🤩

When your family is as silly as you are! The best mom in this world! 💕