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Bio Aplomb de noom. Seeking novel representation. @AdHocFiction wins,@WorcsLitFest flashslam champ17, #NaNoWriMo 2016/17/18, SL Evesham FoW 17. Fond of #BigAlice.
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iPhone : -Call that a blade? A wound? You think you can hurt me with the mere toys that mortals use?
She rose up before his eyes, flexing curiously. Claws extending, teeth sharpening, horns sprouting from her scalp. She looked aeons old, timeless, #carniverous. #vss365 #sevendaystory #g…

iPhone : Agatha swept into the room, her foxfur glaring at the assembled company. ‘Bertram, remove this woman from my presence.’ Never #euphoric in his aunt’s company, Bertie looked from Dahlia to #BigAlice to Agatha. ‘Certainly Aunt.’ He paused, blushing. ‘Which one?’ #vss365

iPhone : Aunt Dahlia is coaxed into the kitchen by a respectful Jeeves, tempted by one of his ‘special pick-me-ups’ Flustered, Bertie tries to get #BigAlice to leave before scary Aunt Agatha arrives. Seeing his panic, she won’t budge. An #amber alert exists at Wooster Central. #vss365

Twitter for iPad : “We can’t let Aunt Agatha and Aunt Dahlia meet, Jeeves! All hell will be let loose!”
“Very good, sir. What about #BigAlice?”
“Gosh, Jeeves, no idea! I’m rather frightened of her. Where would you stand on her?”
“I think she’d be useful to stand on in #floodwaters, sir.” #vss365

iPhone : ‘Yes madam. Very good madam. I will inform Mr Wooster.’ Jeeves hung up the phone. When Bertie heard the news, he blanched. ‘Aunt Agatha? When?’ Jeeves looked at the clock meaningfully. ‘Oh cripes!’ Together, they #uprooted Dahlia from under the sofa. ‘Some coffee, madam?’ #vss365

Twitter for iPad : Bertie reads his horoscope. ‘Look at this, Jeeves, “Pisceans are due for a change of luck”- nip down and put me five each way on the 2.30 at Wincanton, there’s a good fellow.’ ‘Sir, I find it unlikely that the stars know about horse racing.’ ‘You’ve got no #soul, Jeeves.’ #vss365

iPhone : Alice screws up her face as Jeeves swings the curtains open, the sun dazzles her and sears into her headache. Dahlia can be heard trumpeting from the bathroom. In dances Bertie, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as ever. He’s reading the Daily #Comet with wide-eyed wonder. #vss365