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Twitter Web Client : TL. This is My Lil Cancer Warrior Brother. He needs a bone marrow donation. #BeTheMatch get tested,wait for the call. Ty…

Twitter Web Client : Kevin McTaggart SUUUPPPEEERRRRRRRRRRR *inhale* TTAAAGAAAAARRRRRRT! Hosted 4 comedy shows in 4 diff venues in one night! Leaps over PC naysayers,once slayed a diverse audience w/a G rated joke! KILLS Nightly. Tread lightly,for SuperTaggart will find You...

Twitter Web Client : NOBODY 🌈MandyπŸ’‹ Was NOTHING to see a kid take one to the head in the store when I was a kid. "Was usually Me taking one...' Now Ya smack Your kid ya got cops and CPS and people saying You're abusing 'em. Hell no I'm not. I'm raisin' em,with manners and act right. To NOT do so would be abusive

Twitter Web Client : so Wife's home on day off,I'm all frisky and wanna slap/tickle...She's sucking down DayTime cold/flu medication and constantly blowing Her nose,etc.. REALLY not conducive to sweet,sweet luvin'....Though I supposed the added mucous COULD be a lubricant..