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iPhone : We are now hearing if the whistleblower testifies, Congress will put them “behind a screen” and distort their voice. This is ludicrous! How hellbent are Dems in keeping the American public in the dark? #KangarooCourt

iPhone : Even Salem witch trials didn’t use anonymous testimony. The accused had to be confronted by a witness willing to put their name and reputation behind the charges and then had to be available for cross examination.

iPhone : The corrupt WP is tirelessly working on stories to discredit me. Stooping so low as to actually ask me about my pending divorce, to see if it affects my work. It doesn’t. Meanwhile, they don’t hold Biden accountable to answer questions about 4 decades of selling public office.

iPhone : These hearings are not being authorized by a vote. They are instead being presided over by a prejudiced Chairman who has significantly lied about the facts and indicated the case has already been decided on. It is clear the Dems have zero interest in conducting an honest process!

Twitter for iPad : Bill Clinton asked UK's Tony Blair to 'take a look at' fixing problem during 2000 'political season': document…
Hillary Clinton said no President would seek help from foreign gov’t in election. Bill did. Trump sought cooperation in a criminal investigation

iPhone : The Swamp Media is going back 20 years to find anything I could have done which they can paint as “wrong”. One outlet just falsely asserted I was proposing a deal in Ukraine earlier this year. Meanwhile the Biden Family gets a pass. See why they’re the Corrupt News Networks?

iPhone : Biden’s family has been selling his offices for 5 decades. From doing business with sleazy little crooks, Ukrainian organized crime, Whitey Bulger’s nephew, the Chinese government, to a Madoff type, and lots more. All covered up by Corrupt Media!…

iPhone : Since we know the conversation and there is no money and no quid pro quo, unlike Biden which was strong arming, any more whistleblowers are just to offer Dem spin. If they don’t identify themselves, so we can’t find out if they are Dems, like their lawyer, they are irrelevant.

iPhone : Schiff is a serial liar involved in a conspiracy to remove our lawfully elected President by lies and false charges. Only a deranged media protects him because they will allow Schiffs to trample our constitution just to get Donald J. Trump.

iPhone : Let’s see if Corrupt Media covers this. You don’t need a secret Dem represented whistleblower for this, it’s as plain as the nose on your face.…

Twitter for iPad : SURPRISE Democrat lawyer has other secret sources. Swamp Media will corruptly fail to point out it means nothing, now that conversation is public. No money, no quid pro quo unlike Biden helping son make millions from Ukrainian crook. ORCHESTRATED DEM CAMPAIGN LIKE KAVANAUGH

iPhone : CNN&NYT keep falsely reporting that Bidens’ alleged crimes are unfounded even though there is an identified witness who has submitted a sworn affidavit saying Biden bribed Ukrainian Pres. Meanwhile, they are cheering on an impeachment based on Schiff orcestratred secret sources.

Twitter for iPad : ‘Once there was a time’that Democrats & Republicans could debate and respect each other and remain friends. Even Red Sox and Yankee fans could bond over their love of Baseball. The Professor may know more about sports than law...and he knows constitutional law better than anyone.

Twitter for iPad : Tlaib: Democrats looking into how to arrest Trump officials…

Twitter for iPad : Illustrating Dem conspiracy to violate civil rights is Tlaib statement Dems planning to arrest Republicans. She is clearly referring to Donald J. Trump, his lawyers (government and private) and the administration officials to whom they have sent their unauthorized letters.

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