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Bio @brexitparty_uk MEP for the West Midlands. Involved in the football industry for over 20 years. Businessman, farmer and Brexit Party PPC for Dudley North.
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iPhone : January 31st the new ‘do or die’ promise by the Tories on Brexit.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Tories running out of Brexiteer trust and fast.

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Twitter Web App : Chilling video of Merkel praising the EU’s new military power-grab and where it goes next.
Within days, May pledged to stay under existing EU military powers post-Brexit — Civil Service has since ensured this is still possible.
Party manifestos must pledge to leave this EU scam.

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iPhone : Fantasy politics indeed.

Jo Swinson will not be Prime Minister.

Her inward-looking, EU nationalist politics only appeals to a decreasing minority of Brussels fanatics.

No thanks!

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Twitter Web App : Stephen Townsend ProtectorOfFaith 100% agreed. And Nigel has made it clear to Boris we're open to a deal which would deliver a proper Brexit.

Unfortunately the Tories are more concerned about their own party's survival rather than a clean Brexit!

iPhone : Tomorrow was supposed to be the day we finally left the EU.

Promise broken!

The British people now have a golden opportunity to elect serious, principled Brexiteers across the country.

I’m increasingly confident they will take it.

Twitter Web App : One fun piece of the PM's new EU Treaty.

The EU and its officials are to be immune to UK regulations, criminal law and exempt from tax.

I wonder why they would include this?

No-one is above the law. Except it seems EU bureaucrats!

iPhone : I don't accept that a vote for The Brexit Party = a vote for Corbyn. Telling ALL leavers to vote Boris means trusting Tories to deliver Brexit. After 3 & half years of that not happening, an awful lot of trust required; at v least Conservatives need to be under pressure to deliver

Twitter Web App : We've got the election and now Bercow has his last day tomorrow. Good news all round!

The man personifies what a disgrace this Parliament has been.

Self-serving, arrogant and a Remainer!

Twitter Web App : This is the truth:

The French have been promised continued access to our waters.

Treaty says so.

A sell out…

iPhone : In the European Elections in May 48.6% voted for the The Brexit Party in Dudley North.

10% Tory and 16% Labour.

Over 70% voted Leave.

Make no mistake, we are in it to win it.

We’re running a serious campaign, expect a very strong Brexit Party showing!

Twitter Web App : All this talk of splitting the vote, let's not forget what happened in Peterborough.

The brilliant eurosceptic Mike Greene was 683 votes off winning it. The Tory candidate got 7243 and let the Labour remainer in.

It works both ways. Country before party!

iPhone : BBC reporting that Amber Rudd will be allowed back into the Tory Party today.

Boris, you’re making a mistake on this one.

People want to vote for genuine Eurosceptics, these frauds have blocked Brexit for too long!

iPhone : A tactical error of Boris to let the Brexit blocking Remainers back into the fold.

If it weren’t for them we could have had full control of our money, laws, fishing etc back on Friday.

Judge a man by the company he keeps as they say!

Difficult to trust.

iPhone : ‘The Tories don’t own Brexit’.

Well said Claire Fox.

Fair to say they’ve made a real dog’s breakfast of it so far.

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iPhone : Bringing politics to the people!

Real appetite for genuine change in Dudley.

Great to see so many Brexiteers on a cold Tuesday night!

A lot more winter weather campaigning coming...

Twitter Web App : For too long Brexiteers have been used as pawns between Labour and the Tories.

Boris is just the next in the line of Tories who arrogantly claim Brexit as their cause and fail to deliver.

About time the real Brexiteers took charge.

Twitter Web App : Boris asks the EU for an extension (see below letter).

He would’ve been a hero if he’d challenged the Surrender Act in court, even if that meant going to jail to take us out on 31 Oct.

Instead he starts this GE as another politician who’s broken a big promise to the public...