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iPhone : Dave Portnoy I’m at the track, you are at the track, you and your boys said I’m the “worst” for seeking a puppy at “35 years old” and I’m 19 so want to meet up and take a picture?

iPhone : Its December 2009. Its winter break and all your friends finally got the game Christmas morning. Youre already prestiged and bragging about your rank. Youre playing with a blanket over your setup because youre not supposed to be awake at 3 AM. Life is good.

iPhone : Hello Twitter, this is my 1st time seeking for help. This young girl Miss Blessing Ogala has a condition known as periorbital cellulitis. If delayed, can spread to her second eye& other parts of her face. Her parents cannot afford the treatment. A RT can go a long way. Pls..🙇😖

iPhone : here is my In My Feelings challenge submission

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iPhone : This is Kaia, she barks like a duck and is very clumsy. We’re very glad to have her in the family and Koda loves his little sis💕 (don’t worry it was only 2 steps)

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iPhone : Welcome to the family Milli. Look at her and mom they love each other already!!! If any of you want to see more pictures of her she has an Instagram called “millithesheperd”. Thank you all so much. Truly amazing.

iPhone : I’ve decided I’m going to name her... Milli! For one million retweets and all that you have all done for me, you are apart of it to. We will be picking her up TOMORROW!! Thanks everybody, BIG time 😊