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Twitter Web App : Yo, my tablets dying and Im gonna have to replace asap. Running a deal where you buy 2 of the same tier commission, you get one free commission from the tier below. DM if youre interested. Anything helps.

Twitter Web App : The Sonic-related elements were great. Everything else I found average. Overall, I liked the movie and would like to see more.

Twitter Web App : Thats what all those Burgerphile burgers will do to ya.

Twitter Web App : I thought about what Henry & June would do in the future.

Twitter Web App : Doodles from last and this year of genderbends. Time for guys this time.

Twitter Web App : Looks like Ive been listening to TNBTS again. Have a Radical Anne.

Twitter Web App : Mrtheamazingdude While you're not exactly wrong, that can also be debatable. A character could attract a person due to a lot more factors besides a given age. I won't deny that the idea of it is creepy, but that's art for ya. People will see this in such different perspectives.

Twitter Web App : Mrtheamazingdude If it was a real-life child in that scenario, then I absolutely agree with you. I find that disgusting.

Twitter Web App : Mrtheamazingdude I don't think it'd matter either way, people are free to react how they'd like to this. Even if they find it creepy.