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Android : Oh, #animators!
Ive been respecting your privacy by knocking, but asserting my authority as a #voice actor, Im coming in ANYWAY!!!

Twitter Web App : Ideas for FA art in the form of emoji, lets go

Twitter Web App : Im gonna be working on commissions for a bit, I suppose after I finish up my OCS updated look Ill do a Curious Cat for them.
If you have any questions you wanna ask now: Here you go!

Twitter Web App : Never forget: The Khan family, Billy Corgan and Sinclair Media have all professed support to outright friendship with Trump at some point.

WWE never has been and never will be the only wrestling promotion run by scumbags.

Twitter Web App : Streamin some more animation
Might do some emotes or something if I get a little burnt out or something
No audio because Im listening to the finale to T.A.Z. podcast

Twitter Web Client : My host is having Patreon/funding-in-general problems, so if you like myself (and other TJA-hosted artists) having easily-accessible galleries, consider supporting our host on Subscribestar:

Twitter Web App :… Can we please stop with the sponsors?