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iPhone : Texas teacher who tried to contact Trump to have her students deported is officially fired because sometimes there is a just God. dailykos.com/story/2019/9/1…

iPhone : DC protests are lined up for 9/20, 9/21, and 9/23.

Time to turn Washington into Hong Kong.

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iPhone : If you know some poor sod who was snookered into giving money to groups like...

--Conservative Majority Fund

-- Tea Party Majority

-- Conservative StrikeForce

... you should let them know the Justice Department has found their money.


iPhone : No wonder Adam Schiff sounded the alarm – the #whistleblower complaint about Donald Trump is stunning beyond belief palmerreport.com/analysis/whist…

iPhone : The reality of the situation that we don't want to accept is that he is right.

During one of these school shootings a child or teen most likely was shot because they were found after crying too loud. twitter.com/RedTRaccoon/st…

iPhone : The saddest thing Ive ever seen

A swan pulling plastic out of the water 💔

This is shameful. SHAME ON US.

We dont deserve this planet or the animals in it.

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iPhone : I just spoke with an aide at House Juduciary (Democrats).
They are keeping a tally of calls pushing for a vote of contempt.
Keep calling! (202) 225-3951
#1 to leave message
#2 to speak with a human twitter.com/PauletteParis1…

iPhone : Since this corrupt W.H. has decided not to have any more BS White House press briefings, I propose that Congress begins holding their own.

Congressional daily press briefing. 30 minutes. Get a spokesperson to update us on what the hell Congress is doing. We need truth and facts.

iPhone : Every day I'm blown away by the increasing number of appointed and elected Republicans who are selling out our country by supporting and defending a lying and corrupt traitor.

They don't care about their reputations or the future of our country. History will not be kind to them.