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Twitter Web App : Bernie Sanders just admitted he has NO CLUE how much abolishing the private health care system, and implementing Medicare for All will cost.

Anderson Cooper just explained that everybody's taxes will go up, including the poor and middle class.


Twitter Web App : Bernie Sanders is horrible. Hes like a windup screaming doll.

At the NAACP Presidential forum in IA, he was asked about the cost and availability of child care

Sanders repeats standard stump speech railing about ... health insurance companies

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Twitter Web App : Bernie Sanders: Vote for me and I’ll give you FREE _________, FREE ________, FREE ________, FREE ________, FREE ________, FREE ________, and if you’re lucky, FREE ________. Just don’t ask me how I’m going to pay for it all.

Twitter Web App : My goodness. Rick Grenell as Acting Director of National Intelligence?! He’s not fit to direct traffic at a slow intersection. Please read about him, watch his interviews online and call your elected representatives. This appointment is dangerous!…

Twitter Web App : Given that McConnell won’t allow votes on House bills, the House should spend all day, every day carpet-bombing the administration w/oversight subpoenas to investigate the rampant executive branch corruption. Barr won’t investigate executive branch crime. SOMEONE’S GOTTA DO IT!

Twitter Web App : 1) I don’t remember
2) I never said that
3) You are making it up
4) You have a problem. I never said that.
5) Go get therapy. You have a problem with your memory.


BEWARE! # 4 on the graphic

Twitter Web App : Trump's top campaign promises

1. Economic growth of 4%+(BROKEN, has never reached 3%)

2. Eliminate deficit and pay down debt (BROKEN, deficits exploding)

3. Mexico pays for the wall (BROKEN, diverted $ from military)

4. Taxes on the rich will go up (BROKEN, tax cuts for rich)

Twitter Web App : Open primary states are allowing Republicans to screw with our democratic primaries..

Is it surprising Ohio is among the list?

Prevent them and vote!!!


Twitter Web App : Mystery Solvent SO SAD!!! If Sanders becomes the Dem nominee, not only is he likely to lose to #EvilTrump, but we also lose any chance to flip the Senate and may end up with a GOP House. And that's before mentioning Socialist Sanders catastrophic "policies."…

Twitter Web App : If you're #BernieOrBust, please just unfollow me.

I'll vote for him if he's the nominee, but if you're saying it's him or tRump, you are part of the problem.

Getting tRump out of office should be our main goal. That's it.…