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Android : Family business Mr. Morgenstern?

No fire? Well that snake not seems to be ordinary.
😅😂🤣Your baby? 😂

And here we are with the risks 😖

Twitter Web App : Today you’re gonna kill me all!! 😱💀 #SaveShadowhunters #Shadowhunters…

FanScreening : #TrendingTV currently trending unscripted*:
1. #BachelorInParadise
2. #LHHH
3. #bb21
4. #TeenMomOG
5. #RHOP
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9. #TheBachelor
10. #TheVoice

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Twitter Web App : she is so selfish. lets just sacrifice Alec to save Clary #shadowhunters #ShadowhuntersChat

iPhone : Rewatch of #Shadowhunters in 30 minutes, Today´s episode S02E02 A Door Into The Dark. Let´s get Jace out of that ship. Clary help him, please😎 #Shadowhunterschat

iPhone : Hi.Im kind of trying to clean my apartment. And since I ended up with fanarts, I don’t know where to put these watercolor pieces. Maybe someone wants to buy one? Price: as much as you want, but not less than $5(this is the cost of shipping) #Malec #DanandPhil #GoodOmens

Twitter Web App : Jocelyn: Ive got a magical stone it will make Alec drop his shirt 🙈😂
#Shadowhunters #ShadowhuntersChat

iPhone : 사 랑햐아아악!!!!!!!

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iPhone : The Amazon Rainforest:

• Creates 20% of the air we breath

• Has 40% of the world’s tropical forests

• Holds 20% of the worlds fresh water supply

& it’s been burning for the past 3 weeks

Its not enough to only #PrayforAmazonia

We must act now & fight #ClimateChange

IFTTT : mansikkaomenabanaani:
Hello! Here is what you voted for: Keep...

iPhone : 아니진짜로 매튜는 털 한올한올까지도 완벽하다니까요 큐티클도 없을거같음 ⭐️완벽⭐️

iPhone : imagine tu es traumatisée parce que ton bébé est décédé à la naissance et on t’accuse de meurtre et te condamne à quarante ans de prison, vous haïssez les femmes et vous le prouvez chaque jour…

iPhone : I WONDER WHAT HE DID AND TO WHO??!!! omggg ... prank war might be back!??? Sam 💙🖤🤟🏻 might just be one of the best things i’ve heard this week.

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Twitter Web App : swifties describing songs off lover as the second cousin twice removed from fearless and the brother of red as if i’m supposed to know what that means......

Android : Love, Rosie, 2014

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Android : Paget Brewster Im a big fan of your work and girl stop even if with Gray hair you are THE BEST WOMAN EVER AND A BAD ASS AT THAT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎


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