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Bio SOFIA is the worlds largest flying observatory. It is a Boeing 747SP aircraft modified to carry a 2.7-meter telescope and a joint project of @NASA and @DLR_en.
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SocialFlow : This week on the 2020 campaign trail: John Hickenlooper said he would give “serious thought” to a Senate run, Beto O’Rourke reset the focus of his campaign and Stacey Abrams laid out her 2020 plans

iPhone : LIVE from NASA_Marshall) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Marshall: I’m making an important announcement about NASA’s plans to return to the Moon as a part of the #Artemis program. Tune in:…

Twitter Web App : This infrared photo from NASA Spitzer provides a preview of the revelations expected from NASA Webb Telescope. The cosmic blossoms surrounding the Ring Nebula are an outer shell of expelled hydrogen. #InfraredWonders Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/J. Hora (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA).

Twitter Web App : Right #now Chandra is studying the effects of a microquasar on supernova remnant W50, informally called the #Manatee Nebula! About 18,000 light years from Earth, the #BlackHole left behind by the supernova explosion feeds on gas it collects from a neighboring companion star.

iPhone : Our #NASASocial participants today represent podcasters from all over the world. They’ve been exploring behind-the-scenes here at NASAs Kennedy Space Center, learning about our future #Artemis missions to return humanity to the Moon and eventually Mars.

Sprinklr : Deputy payload systems engineer Jody Davis oversees the life cycle of WFIRST. But that’s not all! From flying planes ✈️, to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro ⛰️, running marathons 🏃‍♀️ and doing STEM outreach, she also inspires and uplifts the world. More:

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Sprinklr : Space was cool before it mattered. 🤓😂

Objects that have mass and take up space are called matter. Learn more about matter and how it came to be in the universe here: #TellAJokeDay

Sprinklr : Lets talk about Binary Sources! We still have tons of questions about these multi-star systems, and Fermis LAT can detect microquasars and pulsar binaries via the gamma rays they create. This odd couple was observed in 2010. To learn more, watch here:

Buffer : #DYK were developing an inflatable heat shield to help deliver heavy cargos to any planet with an atmosphere? LOFTID is designed to enable more robust missions to places like Mars, Venus, and Titan. Find out how were prepping LOFTID for launch in 2020→

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Twitter Web App : Neil Armstrong is remembered for many feats, including breaking records in aviation and spaceflight. On his birthday, we remember the man who inspired millions when he walked on the surface of the Moon. More:

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Sprinklr : Tony Hawk) 's Twitter Profile">Tony Hawk Tony Hawk) 's Twitter Profile">Tony Hawk is probably the only person we know who could make skateboarding look cool while wearing a full body clean room suit. Though when it comes to the category of Big Air, NASA Webb Telescope will take the cake when it launches to orbit a million miles away from Earth.

Sprinklr : We recently completed a test on a scale model of the X-59 QueSST (Quiet Supersonic Technology), supersonic X-plane, which is designed to reduce the sound of a sonic boom to a gentle thump. More on our efforts to make supersonic flight over land possible:

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TweetDeck : Print it > frame it > hang it > adore it 😍

Hubble beams back an updated portrait of mighty Jupiter and its trademark Great Red Spot.

Sprinklr : #HubbleFriday Although it looks more like an entity seen through a microscope than a telescope, this rounded object, named NGC 2022, is certainly not algae or tiny, blobby jellyfish 🐙 Instead, its an orb of gas, cast off by an aging star:

Sprout Social : Back to school! Check out @nasajpl_edu’s state standards-aligned #STEM activities for the classroom:

TweetDeck : Managing the Human Landing Systems program that will land #Artemis astronauts on the Moon is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary vision. Thats why NASA Marshall veteran engineer Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan is leading it.

Get to know her:

iPhone : We need your help! From the nearby to the far out, our panel ideas are up for a vote at @SXSW & you get to choose! This interactive festival gathers creatives to share new ideas and new technologies in our lives. Voting for #SXSW2020 ends Aug. 23:

Twitter Web App : Millions Heading to Mars

Send your name with theirs on board NASA’s next rover! Sign up to get aboard #Mars2020 now:

Twitter Web App : Looking to bring the Intl. Space Station into your classroom? Try out the new Humans in Space App that will let students experience the effects of space on the human body.
Download here:

Twitter Web App : NASA JPL Lockheed Martin MAVEN currently has a periapsis (closest) altitude of 152 km and an apoapsis (farthest) altitude of 4,495 km. The orbital period of the spacecraft is 3 hours 39 minutes and the distance from Earth to MAVEN is 2.66 AU (398M km or 247M miles). One way light time is 22 min. 10 sec.

Sprinklr : Launched Aug. 20, 1975 - Viking 1 was the #NASAFirst spacecraft to land on Mars! Viking 1 was designed to take high-res images and study the Red Planet for signs of life. The mission performed the first Mars soil sample. Discover more in #NTRS! >

Twitter Web App : Five years ago today, Cassini captured this look at Saturn’s rings casting intricate shadows. If you look closely, you might also spot two moons. Details:

iPhone : .NASA_TESS found three small, hot planets orbiting a small, cool star known as TOI 270. One planet is slightly larger than Earth and the other two are unlike any in our own solar system! Read more here:

Twitter Media Studio : Turning water into air & back into water (or yesterday’s coffee into today’s coffee) is all part of life on the @space_station. 💦 This week on our podcast, Laura Shaw describes how these systems work & improvements needed for future #Artemis missions.…

Sprout Social : The #Cygnus spacecraft mission didnt end when it left the Intl. Space Station last week. Once at a safe distance away, deployment systems deployed a series of CubeSats.
Learn about the Slingshot deployer system and how CubeSats can benefit life on Earth:

Twitter Web App : 🗓August 5th is a red-letter day in space exploration.✨ In 2011, NASAs Juno Mission set sail for Jupiter on a mission to study the giant planet’s mysterious interior. In 2012, Curiosity Rover touched down on the Red Planet. Both missions succeeded — and both continue their quests today.

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Sprinklr : #HappyBirthday to legendary flight director Gene Kranz. He is best known for his work in Mission Control during Apollo 13 (and his many vests), but Kranz served a long, storied career from Project Mercury into the Shuttle era. In this photo, he celebrates the landing of STS-41C.

Twitter Media Studio : Thanks so much for joining FIREX-AQ 🔥 in the field this week! Well be in Boise for another few weeks before heading to Salina, Kansas for the second leg of the field campaign. Keep following FIREX-AQ and learn more about how NASA studies fires over at NASAEarth! 👋

Twitter Web App : If our eyes 👀 could see high-energy ⚡ radiation called gamma rays, the Moon 🌑 would appear brighter than the Sun☀️! 😱 More:

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Sprinklr : This week:

👨‍🚀 An update on the system that will land NASA Astronauts on the Moon by 2024
☄️ Selecting four sites on asteroid Bennu to collect samples that will return to Earth
☀️ Our #ParkerSolarProbe spacecraft prepares to “touch” the Sun


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iPhone : Managing the Human Landing Systems program that will land #Artemis astronauts on the Moon is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary vision. Thats why NASA Marshall veteran engineer Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan is leading it.

Get to know her:

Twitter Web App : Accenture manager sound super shitty here but they are taking order from Facebook right? Imagine wanting to get some fresh air and being told your only option is a parking garage…

iPhone : After forever losing both my father and mother during the last couple of years, this meant a lot to me! Thanks, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper for showing kindness, love, and compassion discussing the “rooms in our house of life” that are forever silent. #grateful #mosthuman…

TweetDeck : Retro-post: July 27th, 2011 -No Nukes?-What the Plutonium Stoppage Means to the Space Program.… via @astroguyz Update: the US restarted Pu production for space exploration a few years back.

Twitter Web App : The astronauts are getting ready for an Aug. 21 spacewalk as the rest of the Exp 60 crew focuses on biology research and a pair of docked spaceships.

Sprout Social : Happy birthday Margaret Hamilton! 🎂 Hamilton wrote the code that brought the #Apollo11 astronauts into space and safely back home again. #BecauseOfHerStory

iPhone : When Margarita Bassil was discouraged by the lack of women in her engineering courses, she told herself JFK’s famous quote: “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade...not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Learn about our NASA Internships:

iPhone : Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced NASA Marshall will lead our Human Landing System Program that will put the first woman and next man on the Moon in five years as a part of our #Artemis program. Watch:…

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Sprinklr : Managing the Human Landing Systems program that will land #Artemis astronauts on the Moon is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary vision. Thats why NASA Marshall veteran engineer Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan is leading it.

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Twitter Web App : NASA Ames In the end, the goal is to understand whats needed for a drone traffic management system that automates as much information exchange as possible→

Twitter Web App : By focusing on SmallSats and capitalizing on the cost savings of sharing a launch, we can test and advance cutting-edge technologies at a reasonable price. Learn more about this NASA Sun & Space science news:…

Hootsuite Inc. : Career opportunity: Professor and Director of the University of Michigan Biological Station, Ann Arbor, MI.…

iPhone : Happy Birthday 86 today! Gene Kranz an American aerospace engineer, a former fighter pilot, and a retired NASA Flight Director and manager. Kranz served as NASAs second Chief Flight Director, directing missions of the Gemini and Apollo programs.


Twitter Web App : Come gocce di mercurio in un rosso velluto – acqua e sabbia in Australia. / Like drops of mercury on red velvet – water and sand in Australia. #MissionBeyond

Twitter Web App : What’s happening with our plans to land humans on the Moon by 2024? 🌑

Hear directly from the top as Administrator Jim Bridenstine visits NASA Marshall to make an announcement about our #Artemis program. Tune in tomorrow starting at 3:10pm ET:

Twitter Web App : New blog post, identifying a Korean UFO sighting from August 7 as a Chinese ICBM test:…

Android : Shannon Stirone I guess its a question for archeologists. They appreciate every scrap of history left over from previous civilizations so they can study them. Ideally help learn from our mistakes.

iPhone : This week:

👨‍🚀 An update on the system that will land NASA Astronauts on the Moon by 2024
☄️ Selecting four sites on asteroid Bennu to collect samples that will return to Earth
☀️ Our #ParkerSolarProbe spacecraft prepares to “touch” the Sun


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Hootsuite Inc. : Teachers and educators participating in the Space Educators Institute heard Jeremy R. Hansen talk about his career path, our #JuniorAstronauts campaign, and the importance of #STEM education. Space Matters #cdnspace #SpaceEd19

Photo: Western University

Sprinklr : #DYK that you can find NASA in your backyard? Our Home & City website shows how the work we do for space also benefits people on Earth. And we just won an AAF National 2019 Silver ADDY so see what all the fuss is about and look around the neighborhood:

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SocialFlow : The technology makes Haders impressions that much more vivid, but it also illustrates how easy—and potentially dangerous—it is to manipulate video content.

Buffer : Hubble’s Portrait of Star’s Gaseous Glow - When stars like the Sun grow advanced in age, they expand and glow red. These so-called red giants then begin to lose their outer layers of material into space. #ngc2022 HubbleTelescope NASA ESA

iPhone : #Schienenverkehrsforschung im DLR - Karsten Lemmer, DLR-Vorstand für Energie und #Verkehr, über alternative Antriebe, innovative Zugkonzepte und nutzerfreundliche Systeme für die Mobilität der Zukunft

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Android : Chinese Smart Dragon 1 launcher with a solid upper stage stage mounted *above* the payload. IMHO that doesnt seem very smart from a loads perspective...…

iPhone : I’ve pressed down next to the “mole” several times, and it’s hard to make this unusual soil collapse into the pit. Soon, I’ll be out of contact for a couple of weeks during solar conjunction, but my team on Earth will keep working it. Keep sending good vibes! ✨

Buffer : Saturn is the steady, pale yellowish star in the south-southeast during and after dusk. Below Saturn is the handle of the Sagittarius Teapot. See more sky sights in this weeks #skyataglance:

TweetDeck : What is an #exoplanet?

Planets that orbit around other stars are called exoplanets. Exoplanets are very hard to see directly with telescopes. So how do we look for Earth-like planets in other solar systems?

Twitter Media Studio : El instrumento ECOSTRESS, a bordo de la @Space_station, observó desde el espacio cómo la vegetación de Costa Rica empezó a dar señales de estrés unos pocos meses tras el inicio de una sequía grave.

Twitter Web App : As space telescopes like NASA_TESS🛰 observe the sky🌌 and find planet⚫️ candidates, scientists use ground observatories🔭 to confirm discoveries and help determine the best stars✨ to explore for possible planets.

Twitterrific for iOS : HiPOD 17 Aug 2019: Central Hills and Floor of Ehden Crater

This image shows us some uplifted bedrock and alluvial fans. The crater is named after a town in Lebanon.

ID: ESP_055038_1885
altitude: 274 km

NASA/JPL/University of Arizona…

Twitter Web App : Last show coming up with Alex and Elani as they #LaunchToTheFuture🚀☄️ #ScienceWeek…

Sprinklr : We’re going to the Moon—and we need your help to get there! We’re hiring an Engineer, Program Management @NASAHQ in #DC!. Learn more and apply before this vacancy closes today (8/16): #NASAJobs #Artemis

Twitter Web App : Ihr seid eine Lehrkraft an einer deutsche Schule? Dann bewerbt euch für einen Mitflug an Bord von SOFIAtelescope unter……

Twitter for iPad : American concentration camps for children, aerial view.

Twitter Web App : What happens when a company secretly brings a life form to the moon?

Fascinating story about Tardigrades, planetary contamination and international space law:…

TweetDeck : ESA Rosetta Mission Could be interesting... 5 days before another chunky flying around

TIME 2015-10-16 T 09.54.25 to 2015-10-16 T 12.40.52


Twitter Web App : Whats in a name? A lot, if youre a feature on #Pluto! Several people and missions who paved the way for the exploration of Pluto & the #KuiperBelt are honored in the second set of official Pluto feature names approved by Astro Union!

Twitter Web App : Have you been enjoying the #PerseidMeteorShower?
With the shower at its peak tonight, make sure you go out and look up tonight! The shower will continue till about the end of the month! #MeteorShower #whatsup…

Twitter Web App : The shooter who murdered my son, Dylan, brought 10 30-round magazines with him into Sandy Hook Elementary. In 4 minutes, he shot 154 bullets, killing 20 children and 6 educators. Sign our petition demanding Congress limit the size of gun magazines now. -Nicole

iPhone : “The gender gap in winning grants is about 7 percent.”

“Young male PIs were found to be just as sexist as their older male peers.”

This essay has ALL the receipts you need when someone says there’s no sexism in STEM anymore.…

Buffer : Ōtautahi Christchurch has some of the country’s most recognised public and private schools and three world-renowned tertiary institutions 🎓; University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Explore the opportunity here:…

iPhone : A thorough breakdown of interactive live streaming from Eli Stonberg. If you want to understand where the future of entertainment is headed, read this:…

Twitter Web App : Two of those boxes should say Venus and Mercury/Mars rather than A bright star.

Sprout Social : #JHUAPL’s Spatial/Spectral Imaging of Heliospheric Lyman Alpha – or SIHLA – is a finalist for NASAs next #Heliophysics Science Mission of Opportunity! If selected SIHLA will map the sky to determine the shape & mechanisms of the boundary between the heliosphere & heliopause.

Twitter Web App : Researchers think theyve found a way the first proto-cells could have gotten their membranes.

Facebook : In the last 50 years we have been to each of the main types of major bodies in our solar system. Imagine what the...

iPhone : Die Schweiz übernimmt dabei eine führende Rolle. Daneben kooperieren wir mit einem Konsortium aus 10 weiteren Mitgliedstaaten, das von der Universität Bern geführt wird. Gebaut wurde der Satellit von Airbus Space in Spanien. Mehr dazu:…

Twitter Media Studio : #Apollo 50 | Quel rôle joue la France dans les missions dexploration du Système solaire ? 🇫🇷

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Android : Come gocce di mercurio in un rosso velluto – acqua e sabbia in Australia. / Like drops of mercury on red velvet – water and sand in Australia. #MissionBeyond

Twitter Media Studio : Black Holes is one of the most highly searched terms about our universe. How much of what we think we know about black holes is actually true?

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SocialEngage : Due to the govt shutdown, all public NASA activities/events are cancelled or postponed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.