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Twitter for iPad : The GOP thinks that Adam Schiff will be intimidated by Jim Jordan. You have to be kidding. Schiff has the power of the gavel and the majority to stop that pedophile supporting loudmouth no matter what crap he spreads. He is a joke. I hope Schiff puts his ass down every day

Twitter for iPad : Outspoken Sherry Ahearn, Radical Lefty. Another scam is Melanias letters begging for money. A $45 matching check from Melania is enclosed that you return with your real check. Melanias check is made to look real. Problem is the letters and check appear to be signed by Donald. Sad.

Twitter for iPad : JUST A NOTE. I Understand the easiest and most EFFECTIVE way to contact YOUR congressional reps is by going onto their websites and completing the comment section. Emails leave a written record.…

Twitter for iPad : Oh ffs! Trump campaign has held at least 15 online contests in which the winner was promised a meal with Trump. Many of them also promised travel accommodations. All supporters had to do to enter was donate to the campaign. NOBODY won.…

Twitter for iPad : This is a dry run for how Trump’s gonna respond to his loss.

He WILL refuse to leave office, no doubt.

Twitter for iPad : These poor baby #elephants should never have ended up in #China 😭💔🐘🐘🐘
Ellen DeGeneres they need your voice #BeKindToElephants

Twitter for iPad : Even in a White House of never-befores, this may be one of the more head-spinning: The president’s chief of staff is trying to join a lawsuit against the president. ⁦Maggie Haberman⁩…

Twitter for iPad : The Trump campaign has held at least 15 online contests in which the winner was promised a meal with Trump. These contests are fake, no one has had lunch with the sleazy crook.


Twitter for iPad : Hey Bolton, you craven opportunist, it’s not a legal objection to a subpoena in the congressional impeachment inquiry of Trump that, if you testify about Trump’s misconduct, it will dilute or kill your $2 million dollar book deal; tell us what you know now…

Twitter for iPad : First, Republicans objected to private depositions even though they were in the room. Now, they dont want public hearings. Their only goal is to create a circus environment.

Why doesnt the GOP want the American people to learn the truth about Donald J. Trumps abuse of power?

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