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Android : This is so true. In our line of work, we see people every day who wished away 'yesterday'...only to find that 'today' would change their lives irreparably. My advice - savour every moment, dont sweat the small stuff, and hold your loved ones close every chance you get ❀πŸ”₯❀ twitter.com/DrLucyRogers/s…

Android : The homeless death of Aimee Teese: 'I didn't think it would come to this at 30' theguardian.com/cities/2019/se…

Android : As the proud daughter of an immigrant...who once didnt have a home...who is now privileged enough to wear a firefighters uniform...I cant describe how much it means that my daughter now thinks its normal for firefighters to grace the pages of Marie Claire...just wow ❀❀❀

Android : 6) Kassan is known for his raw and unvarnished approach to portraiture, which he describes as an effort to bring forward the emotion and personality of his subjects.

β€œI’m very much about documenting the realistic aspects of a person... the deeper aspects of their pathology.”