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Hootsuite Inc. : All that moves will exhaust itself. Only that which is still, is for always. Meditation is essentially to move towards that stillness, to become like the core of existence. #SadhguruQuotes

Hootsuite Inc. : If you are miserable when you are alone, you are obviously in bad company. #SadhguruQuotes

Android : 2/2 ...As a Husband, our Beloved Mother
said there could be no better.

Your innocuous Presence has been

With Much Love,

Android : 1/2
to my Father

You never figured
the guile of this world.
But still served with
absolute devotion to all
you could.

You were always stumped
by the many things that
your children became
But did not fail to support
or celebrate their success

TweetDeck : Cinema has a profound impact on society. It should be conducted responsibly. There is violence & obscenity in society – you don’t have to hide it, you can show it. But are you glorifying it or showing it in a way that people say, “This is not the way”?…

Twitter Media Studio : In this nation, the most important wealth is soil and water. If we forget that, we will learn a lesson in a very hard way. #CauveryCalling

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Hootsuite Inc. : As such, there is no right decision in life. If you make a decision and put your everything into it, it will turn out wonderfully. #SadhguruQuotes

Android : Farmers are at epicenter of solutions for both food security & environment. Enabling policies such as for unhindered timber cultivation and #Agroforestry on private lands will secure farmers and end terrible commercial exploitation of forests. - Sg #CauveryCalling Justin Adams…

Android : Happy birthday to Kamal Haasan. At sixty five, a sixty year old career is incredible. May you find fulfillment in all your endeavours. With much regard and blessings. - Sg #HBDKamalHaasan

Hootsuite Inc. : Belief leads people to accept the most ridiculous things as the absolute truth. #SadhguruQuotes

Twitter Media Studio : If you want to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of revitalizing rural India, the most fundamental need is to bring back richness to our soil with leaves from the trees and animal waste. #CauveryCalling

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Hootsuite Inc. : Hatha Yoga is about aligning your system to the cosmic geometry. A way to become an extension of cosmic reverb. #SadhguruQuotes

Twitter Media Studio : People in the city want to plant trees but where is the land for them to plant a tree? It is only the farmer who can plant trees at the scale it is needed because farmers are the biggest land owners. Without engaging the farmer, you cannot increase tree cover in the country.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Thought and emotion are not separate entities. The way you think is the way you feel. #SadhguruQuotes

Twitter Web App : 2/2...We need to ensure that the human race doesnt slip back to dark ages where death and disease wreaked havoc. Here is a recommended list of vaccines released by World Health Organization (WHO). –Sg. #VaccinesWork…

Twitter Web App : 1/2 The power and well-being that #vaccines have brought to our life cannot be underestimated. Most of us made it to adulthood alive because we were vaccinated as children. But some parents today choose to not vaccinate their children due to misinformation. Thats crazy! -Sg…

Twitter Media Studio : It is time agriculture becomes a prime and lucrative activity in the country. If you do not make it a very lucrative process, in the next 25 years, we will lose our ability to grow food in this country. #CauveryCalling

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Twitter Web App : Mysticism is a perceptional enquiry of experiencing that which is existentially true. Intellectual enquiry is a psychological exercise, could be unrelated to the existential. -Sg #MysticEye Hulu Theater at MSG

Hootsuite Inc. : We are moving into an era where authority cannot be The Truth. Only the Truth shall be the Authority in coming times, as sanctity of all authorities will be questioned. #SadhguruQuotes