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iPhone : We support vacating convictions for trafficking survivors and repealing the crime of “Loitering for Prostitution,” which disproportionately impacts LGBTQ New Yorkers and does not make us safer. We have not charged this offense for several years. #CJreform #WalkingWhileTrans

HubSpot : They call themselves "Culture of Consent" — using #AskForBetter on social media.

HubSpot : We must do a better job of breaking down the bigotry and hate that causes transgender people to experience gun violence at disproportionate rates. by The Advocate

HubSpot : This kind of bigotry against LGBTQ people costs lives.…

HubSpot : Director of the #SafeHorizon Bronx Child Advocacy Center, our own Fabio Cotza, was among the honorees at the Bronx annual #LGBTQ Pride Celebration. Read all about it ↓

HubSpot : It’s a question people ask survivors all too often and this art installation proves that clothing has NOTHING to do with sexual assault. by HuffPostWomen

HubSpot : When a corrections employee identifies as a victim (of sexual harassment), their ability to do the job is called into question. When the rumor mill extends this information to inmates, then their ability to manage inmates can be affected.

HubSpot : A PTSD sufferer can have trauma memories that are alarmingly vivid and, at the same time, infuriatingly vague. Or, in some cases, there is total amnesia. by @newsweek

HubSpot : #ICYMI: After Stephanie Montgomery was raped at the strip club where she worked she went to the manager and the police. Nothing happened. That’s when she decided to tell her story as big as she could. by California Sunday

HubSpot : Desiree Martinez’ case will soon go before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. At stake is whether responding officers who repeatedly failed to arrest her abuser can be help accountable. by @kqed

HubSpot : Since 2006, organizations across the globe have united each June 15 for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Together we can promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect of older people. Learn more at @NCEatUSC: #WEAAD

HubSpot : June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a chance to educate each other on how to identify, address and prevent abuse so we can all do our part to support everyone as we age. Learn more at @NCEatUSC: #WEAAD