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iPhone : Henry The Detroit News Are you really this stupid or are you joking around because what you wrote is just wrong. I’m straight & I don’t understand why we’d need a parade no one has ever discriminated against me for being this way. But I’ve seen lots of people make fun of LGBTQ’s.

iPhone : Mario lemuiex is cleaning up my dogs shit It just blows my mind That people are this stupid. I never considered myself as smart. My grades were mostly in the 70s. Plus I left school to work because having only one parent was difficult but I’m not as dumb as I thought according to what I’ve been seeing on here.

iPhone : WPXIMikeHolden) 's Twitter Profile">Mike Holden WPXI Unless there’s a camera that takes pictures of them speeding. That sign is useless

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iPhone : RJ Umberger Lots of players for you n your family n friends I hope you find the strength to get through the tough times ahead.

iPhone : Daniel Negreanu) 's Twitter Profile">Daniel Negreanu You can’t take the Canadian out of ya Daniel Negreanu) 's Twitter Profile">Daniel Negreanu once it’s in your blood it’s there to stay. I watch hockey anytime of the year and twice on Sunday. If I don’t see hockey every day they should check my pulse because I’m dead.

iPhone : Mrs. Betty Bowers Don’t insult 🇨🇦 he’s all 🇺🇸 just because he was born here doesn’t make him 🇨🇦 here we wouldn’t keep electing a idiot like that. He might of had one term but his ass would’ve been long gone after that. Politicians don’t usually last long after we see how bad they are.

iPhone : Can you guess what concert we just got home from. Here’s a little hint😂