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iPhone : Does Nigel Farage’s decision to stand down 317 brexit party candidates matter?

Yes. Here’s why:

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iPhone : EXC by Tom Rayner

The extraordinary Labour battle over the Liverpool,West Derby candidate - and how it’s causing division at the top of the party ... and will be resolved tomorrow:

(By one of the journalists most plugged into the current Labour Party...)…

iPhone : Ive given Boris Johnson a chance to win a majority.

Nigel Farage explains to Skys Beth Rigby why he has abandoned plans for the Brexit Party to contest more than 600 seats in #GeneralElection2019.

Read more on #GE2019 here:

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TweetDeck : What impact will the brexit party decision have on the election?

Don't forget this has changed the airwar, with Nigel Farage now backing Boris Johnson's brexit deal

My analysis:…

iPhone : Hartlepool news: the Conservatives haven’t yet announced their candidate to fight Richard Tice of the Brexit party. But the lead contender, Ralph Ward-Jackson, has just withdrawn his name following Nigel Farage’s announcement, saying he doesn’t want to split the Leave vote.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Labour’s biggest backer Unite the union has told the High Court that the party’s parliamentary candidate Anna Turley is “unfit to be an MP”. She says the union misused her data and gave a libellous statement to the skwawkbox blog. Get ready for days of red-on-red action

Twitter Web App : Of course, this WILL likely mitigate against the effects of a potential Labour surge but:
a) We are a long way off that
b) By that point we are already in hung parliament territory

Twitter Web App : In fact, I think the number of seats the announcement effects (again, on current polling!) can probably be counted on one hand.

Twitter Web App : Hate to burst everybody's bubble, but I'm not sure this makes much difference at all.

On current polling, the most important seats are the Labour held marginals, which aren't affected by this announcement.…

Twitter Web App : When Nigel Farage announced his 600 candidate strategy two weeks ago, he always kept open enough wiggle room to do exactly what he's done today. Making clear that he didn't need changes to the WA, just promises around the PD. Which was always deliverable.

Twitter Web App : As a result of Boris Johnson's "new" (in his view) commitments the Brexit party

- Will not contest 317 seats Tories won

- Will concentrate on seats held by Labour and the rest of the remain parties

"It's not easy. How do we hold Boris to his promises"

Twitter Web App : Farage arguing that two things have changed

- Johnson on a video said "we will not extend transition"

- Also said we would negotiate a "super-Canada trade deal with no alignment" which he says is change (not sure it is, compared to the PD which does not tie in UK automatically)

Twitter Web App : Nigel Farage suggests he is going to stand down some candidates

- Believes standing all 600 candidates would mean a hung Parliament and
- Would cause a large number of Lib Dem gains in southern England

iPhone : Good news: UK recession averted as economy grows 0.3% in Q3. Bad news: as I pointed out on @skynews a moment ago, that ANNUAL growth rate of 1% is the lowest since 2009…

iPhone : Emily Thornberry says she would tell voters here in Wigan there will be “managed migration” that “communities want and need”.

“We will need to have people from other countries for short periods of time to help our services”

iPhone : Emily Thornberry tells Kay Burley party will deliver “migration that people need” and “for short periods of time to help with services” and “managed migration”. But

- What will that system look like?
- Will EU agree it AND frictionless soft brexit
- & if 2ref reverses brexit?