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Twitter Web App : What do we want?
When do want it?
Why do we-

Twitter Web App : There are few things I love more than seeing beat-up, well-read copies of Resilient Management out there in the world :)

Twitter Web App : Id like to meet every single person that chooses Mail a paper check. I bet theyd have interesting stories to tell.

iPhone : Me when a friend asks if they can come stop by to see the house the moment we move in:

iPhone : Great bit from Merlin Mann on today’s Back to Work with Dan Benjamin around anxiety profiles, personal style, talking/not talking to Lyft drivers, having calendar-induced neuroses, etc. Shared with Overcast

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Twitter for iPad : Natalya I popped on twitter after a long while and I’m so glad to discover this blog, and that you’re a new mom (too!) Also yeah, give my baby some space 😼

iPhone : Did you miss it? Last week, we teamed up with Chris Coyier for our very first #THREEFRAMERS guest collaboration, tackling a deceptively difficult navigation toggle animation.

💻 CodePen.IO Demo:
📺 YouTube Video:

#webdev #tutorial

Twitter Web App : Shoot. I thought I was retweeting from my conference account. Haha, sorry for filling your feeds with praise. But actually kind of not sorry. :)

Tweetbot for Mac : Mike Gowen Indeed. My first roommate was with a guy I met off a BBS and I’m still friends with him today. :)

Twitter Web App : I would like to personally apologize for exclusively using the Sierra filter throughout 2012.

Tweetbot for iΟS : Josh Williams 🙌 delete this tweet because it’s step 1 of several steps that will lead you to making the same awful decision you made last time

Twitter Web App : Friends & Concerned Citizens, PUleeze VOTE for a #futureofwork that innovates w/our most powerful tools: humor, play & creativity. Thats the panel were pitching, VOTE and make it a reality for SXSW ! Thank you! #creativetrespassing…

Twitter Web App : Just finished my webinar with Smashing Magazine.

Thoughts on webinars.

Its *incredibly* strange talking at your laptop for such a long time, but its better than conference talks because you can drink tea and wear pyjama trousers.

Buffer : How to Be a Better Friend in the Digital Age… via O The Oprah Magazine

This guide to being a better friend in the digital age has helpful tips, and its also a great reminder to be a *friend* not just an Insta-friend. (You know what we mean!)

iPhone : BillyNotReally I legit walked around Manahattan for 5 days last summer just crying and listening to Frank Ocean until the bars opened. At which point I would drink for several hours and restart the process.

iPhone : From the makers of I Cant Believe Its Not Butter™, Introducing:
-It Might Be Bread
-Lets Just Say Its Cream Cheese
-It Almost Tastes Like Jam
-Sure, its Maple Syrup
-Smells A Bit Like Eggs

Instagram : I made a passport for my mini-harmonica since it will be traveling with me to Mexico. I dont know what the regulations are for mini-harmonicas but I hope this is acceptable. #adventuretime #miniharmonicas4lyf……

Twitter Web App : Creativity is good for business. Why your company should partner with #CreativeMornings 🙌… #CMATX

iPhone : If you’re interested in a job like this, or indeed any form of news or editorial at any tech company, please do yourself a favour and talk to multiple people who’ve done those roles before you accept the offer. And then have an employment lawyer review your contract.

iPhone : Bobby Dixon High Line is amazing in NYC. Pikes is also fun in Seattle. I don’t have many that I would say I frequent that much. TimeOut Market in Lisbon I think is pretty close but it’s a food hall.

Twitter Web App : Progressive Disclosure is my new middle name, not Adam anymore

Twitter Web App : Hey Pals 👋

I’m looking for a new project—specifically a project that’s mainly HTML and CSS.

What you get from me:
- Semantic, accessible HTML
- Simple, robust CSS
- Progressive enhancement

RTs _hugely_ appreciated 💖

Get in touch:

Hootsuite Inc. : Time Machine is the one place where you will learn everything you want to know about artificial intelligence. Register today for the global #AI & future tech summit that brings together leaders across multiple industries to debate our future with AI.

Twitter Web App : Were officially live on Spotify! Go check us out, subscribe, and listen to our first few episodes. Weve got another episode launching next week! #podcast #spotify #earfood #podcasting #design #digital #development #podcastlaunch #exciting #teamwork

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Twitter Web App : Sherry Welch says she has been living on bottled water and rainwater collected from her roof for three years. She lives on $790/month and cant afford the $5K it would take to fix her damaged water line.


iPhone : #✅✅✅ #💯

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Twitter Web App : People can say what they will about the 8th season of #GameOfThrones, but damn, if you say the music isnt gorgeous, you have something wrong with your ears. #soundtrack #MusicMonday

iPhone : I talked to artists and officials about the booming mural art scene in Salt Lake City for this The Salt Lake Tribune story. The real fun was finding and photographing the murals for our interactive map (to which readers can submit additions).…

HubSpot : Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) Plants 1,000 Trees to Protect Goderich Campus

#AISummitSalone #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Education #Technology #Africa #innovation #AI4Good #AIforGood #AIforsocialGood #data

Buffer : Marketing Strategy For Different Type of Niches

#Expozive #Marketing #Content #contentmarketing #MarketingDigital #fintech #Crypto #forex #igaming #affiliations #onlinecasino

iPhone : Followup: today as we played, she exclaimed “No, no, no. there’s no dog in this scene!”

I need to get her in some directing classes.

Android : R1D45: Heres a summary from last week:

8/5: Code Louisville Orientation for fall courses in web design & foundations.
8/6: completed RDBMS course w/ 97%
8/7: created financial report @ work w/ #SQL
8/8-13: Started Treehouse track #HTML #CSS #JavaScript 🤩💻⚡

Android : London Product Designers, were hiring! If youre passionate about creating great digital experiences from design to front-end build, take a look at the role and some of our great benefits here……

#ProductDesign #DigitalAgency #UXDesign #JobAlert

iPhone : Built just for Microsoft Design, Theme Switcher allows Microsoft designers to switch between their multiple product themes, built by Jackie Chui as a private #figmaplugin.

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Twitter Web App : Wish that living in the woods was a little more feasible. Maybe someday 🌲🌳…