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Twitter Web App : What do we want?
When do want it?
Why do we-

Buffer : “As managers, we want to give our teammates beautifully packaged, cleanly wrapped gifts of leadership work. However, the best gift you can give a teammate is a messy, hard-to-measure, unscoped project. It’s the biggest opportunity for someone to grow as a leader” – Lara Hogan

Twitter Web App : NYT Cooking is growing! I’m hiring a Sr. Product Designer who is user-centered, business-minded and has opinions about whether choc chip cookies should be soft, chewy, or crispy. Come ship features w/ a cross-functional team, alongside top food editors.…

Twitter Web App : Id like to meet every single person that chooses Mail a paper check. I bet theyd have interesting stories to tell.

iPhone : Me when a friend asks if they can come stop by to see the house the moment we move in:

Twitter Web App : Thousands of El Pasoans are saying goodbye to Margie Reckard, victims of the #ElPasoShooting and consoling her husband

They had no family in El Paso so he invited the public.

The line to enter stretches for nearly half a mile.

This is #ElPasoStrong

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iPhone : Great bit from Merlin Mann on today’s Back to Work with Dan Benjamin around anxiety profiles, personal style, talking/not talking to Lyft drivers, having calendar-induced neuroses, etc. Shared with Overcast

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Twitter for iPad : Natalya I popped on twitter after a long while and I’m so glad to discover this blog, and that you’re a new mom (too!) Also yeah, give my baby some space 😼

Tweetbot for iΟS : Miss Eaves Lux 📝 Alptraum An ex of mine paid $700 for a LARGE 1br in Manhattan and complained incessantly that it sucked. I was like, use all the free money youre not spending on rent to hire people to fix it up. He moved but I dumped him first

iPhone : Manon &c. Oh I for sure have that privilege. My point is understand what IS much better so you can truly see where to exert your energy in advocacy. Because I agree, there are things that can easily be reversed if we’re not careful. Also...…

Twitter Web App : Beth Dean Happy Birthday! I havent gotten to pet any dogs yet today but Im looking forward to petting this ball of scruff when I get back home.

Tweetbot for Mac : Mike Gowen Indeed. My first roommate was with a guy I met off a BBS and I’m still friends with him today. :)

iPhone : What’s your favorite tourist trap? Mine is Pike Place Market followed by the High Line in NYC (but I don’t really consider that one a tourist trap).

Twitter for iPad : “People avoid meaningful conversations when hypervigilant perfectionists point out apparent mistakes, feeding the cannibalistic maw of the cancel culture.”—Loretta Ross… via @NYTOpinion

iPhone : #AustinAnitaB cant wait to hear the thought provoking questions you will ask our panel of women technologists who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder.

#womenintech in #Austin can RSVP at…

Women Who Code ATX
Kelly Churchill…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Josh Williams 🙌 delete this tweet because it’s step 1 of several steps that will lead you to making the same awful decision you made last time

iPhone : Basically what I am saying is carbs are like cheap antidepressants.

But also I am saying this and then getting on a treadmill (also a pretty cheap antidepressant)

Anyway do what you can to be healthy but also cut yourself some slack. We will survive this car accident. ❤️

Twitter Web App : Do you have an idea to share or something you’re very interested in writing about? Editor in Chief Rachel Andrew explains how to pitch to publications and how to have the best chance of an accepted proposal.

✏️ Pitching Your Writing To Publications…

TweetDeck : #CIFF20 Announcement: WAYDOWNTOWN (2000), the first-ever film to play the fest! Screened in 35mm, the uniquely Calgary world of Plus+15s is the backdrop of a bet between office workers to see who can stay inside the longest.
📽️: Sept 19, 7pm Globe Cinema…

Buffer : Make your job queue more performant, robust, and understandable by breaking it up into a pipeline of messages.…

iPhone : From the makers of I Cant Believe Its Not Butter™, Introducing:
-It Might Be Bread
-Lets Just Say Its Cream Cheese
-It Almost Tastes Like Jam
-Sure, its Maple Syrup
-Smells A Bit Like Eggs

Instagram : I made a passport for my mini-harmonica since it will be traveling with me to Mexico. I dont know what the regulations are for mini-harmonicas but I hope this is acceptable. #adventuretime #miniharmonicas4lyf……

Twitter Web App : Creativity is good for business. Why your company should partner with #CreativeMornings 🙌… #CMATX

iPhone : Keaton Depends on what you are trying to do with it. I have chase & USAA. I had simple but nixed it, and have looked into Ally. I have credit cards & my car loan thru capital one and they’ve got a great mobile app.

Twitter Web App : Just a few spots left for next weeks Collective Strength event with Lara Hogan talking about feminist leadership with Brittney Dunkins. Women + NB folks, nab a spot—we have *EXTREMELY GOOD* swag for the first 75 on the RSVP list to show up. 📘📙…

Twitter Web App : Hey Pals 👋

I’m looking for a new project—specifically a project that’s mainly HTML and CSS.

What you get from me:
- Semantic, accessible HTML
- Simple, robust CSS
- Progressive enhancement

RTs _hugely_ appreciated 💖

Get in touch:

Twitter Web App : 14. Ask for help! Your colleagues are on the same team & most will be happy to share project ideas, syllabi, teaching strategies, etc... The community of art & design educators (in person & online) is small and supportive, ask for help!

iPhone : I talked to artists and officials about the booming mural art scene in Salt Lake City for this The Salt Lake Tribune story. The real fun was finding and photographing the murals for our interactive map (to which readers can submit additions).…

Twitter Web App : Created my first Figma plugin with Runway. Erase objects and people from photos using deep learning-based inpainting.

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Buffer : This week, we talk with @gsdbid_conf co-chair Jaline McPherson. We dive into how her interest in landscape architecture led her to Harvard University, and what inspired this Octobers conference theme of Black Futurism. Enjoy! #podcasts #design

Twitter Web App : Houston rapper Tobe Nwigwe (TobeNwigwe) made his Tiny Desk debut a family affair with an entourage that included his seven-week old daughter.

Twitter Web App : Im super excited to publish my ebook View Insights! 🤩 The ebook features tips, strategies, and insights on how to get started as a creator/artist, how to find your style, how to grow an audience, and more!

Android : London Product Designers, were hiring! If youre passionate about creating great digital experiences from design to front-end build, take a look at the role and some of our great benefits here……

#ProductDesign #DigitalAgency #UXDesign #JobAlert

Twitter Web App : Seeing your teams work featured in a billboard on Times Square is pretty surreal. ✨ #nofilter

Twitter Web App : Hey Pals 👋

I’m looking for a new project—specifically a project that’s mainly HTML and CSS.

What you get from me:
- Semantic, accessible HTML
- Simple, robust CSS
- Progressive enhancement

RTs _hugely_ appreciated 💖

Get in touch:

Twitter Web App : TECH POLL:

Finish the sentence.

My manager is excellent at their job because of their...

Twitter Web App : Does #1619Project cover the NYTimes racists past and present as well or is that conveniently left out?…