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Twitter for iPad : See here the limits of the "invite a sleazy liar on air for purposes of smacking him down" approach to live-TV journalism. All that matters to him is the opportunity to say dishonest things on television. He got exactly what he wanted.…

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianViewingRoom: In this video, #SterlingRuby speaks with Gagosian director sam orlofsky about his series of “WIDW” paintings, one of which is presented in the gallerys Frieze Fairs Online Viewing Room:

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iPhone : #GagosianViewingRoom: Our Frieze London Online Viewing Room, curated by #SterlingRuby with Gagosian director sam orlofsky, is open through October 7!…

Twitter for iPad : A county (Fort Worth and its inner suburbs) that Trump and Romney won voted for Beto so now they’re working to make it harder to vote.…

Twitter for iPad : We know the White House decided to bury the Zelensky call after they listened to Trump’s illegal demands. So what did they hear on these calls? Honestly, no two nations have more to gain from Trump’s re-election than Saudi Arabia and Russia.…

Twitter for iPad : “When I think of guys like baseball history, I think of old-time guys like Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds,” Alonso said. “To think that as a rookie I hit more homers than everyone except for one guy, it’s nuts. It’s crazy.”

Twitter for iPad : There it is. No. 52 for Pete Alonso.

Most home runs by a Major League rookie, all-time:

1-t. Pete Alonso, 52
1-t. Aaron Judge, 52

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianViewingRoom: Our Frieze Fairs Online Viewing Room is now open! Curated by #SterlingRuby with Gagosian director sam orlofsky, the presentation features seven of Ruby’s primary-market works in dialogue with pertinent works by historical artists:

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Twitter for iPad : I love how McConnell is saying “since you’re impeaching, NOW we’re not going to pass bills.”

What does he mean, now? Mitch McConnell hasn’t done a damn thing all year.

He literally brags that his office is a graveyard. We passed gun safety in Feb & he STILL hasn’t held a vote.

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianViewingRoom: Gagosian's Online Viewing Room, developed in collaboration with #SterlingRuby, opens in just 12 hours. Sign up to receive an update when we go live!

Twitter for iPad : “Announcement: Gallery-I’ve-heard-of to represent artist-I’ve-never-heard-of WORLDWIDE”

Twitter for iPad : P.S. If you want to read Sam's interview in the September edition (plus Marc Glimcher, Max Levai, Kenny Schachter, Marianne Boesky, and Journal Gallery co-founders), DM me and I'll send it to you gratis. 😬

Twitter Web App : If you have a particular (large) amount of money, I'd be happy to suggest what art you should buy with that money, based mostly on what I would buy if I were to have the option of spending that amount of money on art.

Twitter for iPad : Glad to know the New York Times’ crack 2020 on-the-ground squad is gonna be all over the big questions, like will guys who write poetry with titles like “I Will Die For You, Mr. Trump, You Are My One Holy Light” vote for Trump again

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianViewingRoom: Our Frieze Fairs Online Viewing Room opens in less than 24 hours! Developed with #SterlingRuby, it will feature seven primary-market artworks by Ruby in dialogue with pertinent artworks by historical artists. Sign up for updates!

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Twitter for iPad : #GagosianViewingRoom: Gagosians upcoming Online Viewing Room for Frieze Fairs, developed in collaboration with #SterlingRuby, opens soon. Sign up for updates!

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Twitter for iPad : The NYT is repeating its exact same 2016 reporting antics, presenting devout Trump supporters as some sort of forgotten swing constituency. Why does this keep happening, and why do they keep going back to the same individuals for interviews?