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TweetDeck : What you wearing on your hand when you have five minutes left in the bake and need to rush to take your bread sculpture out of the oven while Paul Hollywood is stalking the room

TweetDeck : Power Goh I’m fine. I think my bet tracking with the Action app has me up something like 15 or so units since the start of last season. I definitely couldn’t make a living doing it.

TweetDeck : (Also, I think Golden is a stud and probably isn’t going to be at USF long, so this is just the smallest, smallest note that I’m surprised about. But yeah, thanks for the money Todd!)

TweetDeck : James Scola Brian Robb lol another player is happy someone got paid. shocker. I’m glad he got money, too! It’s cool.

Honestly, I’m willing to have this conversation in like two months. But right now, it’s way, way, way jumping the gun.

TweetDeck : James Scola Mickey Westside PG was 22/7/3.5 and an all-star at 23. Blake was 21/10 by like 21, IIRC. Kawhi was 17/7, but also Finals MVP and on a different planet on defense. Durant was 28/8 at 23. Giannis was 27/10. LeBron was LeBron.

What are we even talking about here?

Tweetbot for iΟS : I am very appreciative of Todd Golden not fouling up 3. I am honestly, genuinely shocked about it, given how analytically inclined he is. But I appreciate it tonight nonetheless.

TweetDeck : James Scola Mickey Westside right, but like….you understand that he’s like, considerably worse than Giannis, PG, Durant, Kawhi, Lebron, Blake and that those thresholds aren’t really meaningful for those guys because they way surpass them, right?

TweetDeck : Mickey Westside it’s been five games lol. No one is maxing any player based off of five games. And no team could offer him more than $124 million, so they saved them no more than $21M over 4 years, and probably more like $17M over 4.

So you’re wrong on all accounts.